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HI all guys, I had a problem to name this thread, cause it is rather broader topic. So, I have designed a board with ARM LPC1768 and 434 MHz transciever cc1000 from TI. What I want to do now is to make proper firmware structure. As for the requirements, the receiver must be able to receive different frame types, with different encoding (...)
Hi all guys, I designed a board with microcontroller and cc1000 sub GHz transciever from TI. Since the receiver part is not intended for receiving ASK signals, additional circuitry is needed in order do derive ASK symbols from RSSI signal. In order to do that, I combined circuit from MAX1471 datasheet where (...)
hi the code for other chipcon product can be re-engineered for cc2500 just use smartRFstudio to find the register values and add it with the old code regards ml
i am working on cc1000 433Mhz and i need a model of that IC in some software for simulation. Which software will be suitable? It will be really helpful if u can post a link of its model
Hi, I am using the cc1000pp module interfaced to a PIC18 series. I can read and write all registers successfully. The problem I am facing is that the clock is always running in both RX_MODE and TX_MODE hence I am getting in junk data through my DIO pin. I am using Manchester encoded mode. Frequency (...)
Hi, I'm searching for a sample C source code for implementing SPI on a mica2, witch integrates an ATMega128L and a Chipcon cc1000. Any ideas? Thanks Luis Leal Leonor
Hi, I'm currently considering the feasibility of implementing a RF system to monitor cattle with the Chipcon cc1000 RF Transceiver, operating at 433 MHz. The device will typically be attached around the necks of cattle, making it impossible to use an extruding antenna. What other types of antennas can I consider and what range in (...)
Read this, Nandu
Dear All, I would like to use RF chips from chipcon for my project. cc1000, cc1010 and cc1100 are my targets. Can anyone post online materials for me as i am a new corner of RF .... Thanks in advanced.. Kit
and i have search some information on the internet...about the RF seems that cc1000, cc1100, cc1100 are common... Kit, Building an rf transmitter from ICs is a separate project by itself. If you are not constrained by the costs, I would recommend OEM packet modems such as AeroComm, MaxStream, MicroHard, FreeWa
do you know about micrf007 , micrf102 one chip rxd and txd unit.?
You can read "cc1000 debugging hints and troubleshooting" for reference. It is not possible to do low level RF design without some basic RF instruments,like RF signal generator,spectrum analyser etc.
Sorry, I am totally new to RF area. I put a chip antenna on PCB and there is a matching network between it and the input pin of cc1000. What should I do to tune the matching network?
Hi I need, Chipcon cc1000 module, which can be interfaced with 8051 directly. Can anyone tell where can I get this module and What is the Price of it?? How difficult to make PCB of it if I failed to get Module. What is the cost of IC cc1000 in India. Thanks In advance Kiran Jammula.
hi to all can some help with cc1000 how to conect with atmel 89s52. and how to program this RF chip THANKS
Hi, you can find a complete design including theory, schematics and program at the page under application notes for CC1100 and cc1000. Regards...
I used it some 4 years ago and it seems realy cool. As it has a digital pll its very easy and fast to do the frequency hopping. This chip has received lots of awards
Hi Most of the low power transmitter's are up to 30 m in build space and up to 100 m in open space due to regulation {google for PART15 + FCC for more detail } . All the best Bobi
Hi, the preemble is needed for the bit synchronizer. The bit synchronizer needs a DC balanced bit stream this means same amount of zeros and ones. After the average DC voltage is set the bit decision can be made. Which frequency do you use, with which kind of settings? Please post your register values. Have you read the section about low (...)
Hi everbody.. i have a project about radio communication and i chose cc1000 rf transceiver my project.its fine but difficult to practice. so do you have a code between microchip microcontroller and chipcon transceiver ? thanks everybody..