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iam not new to embedded programming. But new to hardware design. i started doing small projects. I need a partner who doing engineering EEE/ECE. Either he/she should have interest and frenzy to learn new things and to invent some thing new. Take the responsibility by themself rather expecting it. Interested people catch (...)
I work in Microwave Electrical engineering Lab and I have been assigned the task of building a computer (using less than $2000) to do HFSS simulations on... I was wondering a couple things about hardware configurations and was hoping some people on here might have some ideas... 1) Should I use a server motherboard (...)
u need to do all? speed, vibrate and angle? if yes u can go on placing a sensor on vehicle tires.
Whoa, todays students are really makes me scared of the future of engineering profession. THINK and WRITE the damn thing yourself, it is a simple task. That is the way you LEARN.
hardware Design engineer wanted for Growing Los Angeles, CA-based electronics company. hardware Design Engineer Essential Responsibilities: 1. Work with an engineering team comprised of both internal resources and 3rd parties in the design, development, and integration, of electronic system (...)
BARAN Microelectronic provides cost-effective and full range electronic design and manufacturing solutions from consultancy for particular design problems through to complete management of large scale design projects. We offer a full spectrum of systems engineering, including FPGA design, hardware design, Board (PCB) design (...)
So, my question is whether there are any terms that are generally used for the entities "chip", "input terminal" and "output terminal" that are different in these three levels. In other words, whether hardware engineers perchance tend to use a different word for a piece of circuitry that appears in a product catalog, a different word for the
Hi experts, I am doing my bachelors in Electronics engineering. I have just started a semester project based on the GPS. 1- Kindly refer me a gps receiver that could be interfaced with laptop and later with the FPGA (development kit:Spartan 3). 2- I would like to develop my own database for the available
Hi I am a recent college graduate and I am looking for a job opportunity in the vlsi I have done my masters in electrical engineering concentrating on Vlsi . i have project experiences and have succesfully design project listed below hardware implementation  Implemented the stream cipher f-fcsr in VHDL (...)
R&D hardware Design Engineer (Power Electronics/Analog) We are a fast growing Product engineering/ Design services company looking for individuals who are talented, technically inclined and self-motivated to fill the role of Senior R&D hardware Design Engineer specializing in Power Electronics. Education: (...)
HI I RECENTLY GRADUATED with a degree in Computer engineering. I live in Pakistan and am struggling to find job in field of VLSI/Digital design. Al tough I am doing job as Software Engineer in offshore arm of a leading Silicon valley start up company but since I have strong in interest in hardware design I want a job in that field. I have (...)
Company designing leading-edge PDA seeks hardware engineer with experience in PCB layout and electronic design. Experience with surface mount assembly and hardware/software interfaces desired. Company designing leading-edge PDA seeks software engineer with experience programming all aspects of embedded systems from (...)
Hello everyone, I am a hardware engineer. I want to promote my spoken English. and I can teach you Chinese also. Welcome to contact me for language studying or technical interests. My interesting field includes analog circuit design, power circuit design, MCU/ARM/DSP application, stream medai technology, Linux OS, RTOS, and network. (...)
Hi All, My opinion is that you dont have to be CS to be EE. I f you are EE, then you will easily learn parts of CS needed in EE, especially on control engineering which needs computer interfacing and hardware programming.
i am sorry, friend. This is not a hacking/cracking forum... you need reverse engineering tools. Why don't you google somewhere else.... regards.... Yes. The only think that I can tell U is that there is some tools that emulate the USB Key. Bye.
Hello! I am doing my final project in computer engineering and I need to connect a CMU cam into Ethernet. I was thinking of building a hardware using VHDL which will transfer between the Camera's serial port to Ethernet (and the opposite of course). Does anyone know where I could find such code? Thanks! Lior.
I am doing computer engineering and i am intersted in doing some industrial project.............If u have any idea plz tell me. Thanks
Hi i m the student of engineering and doing project in Antenna Diversity now i want u all to help me in its hardware (antenna diversity in CDMA)
Senior Application Engineer (SAE)- to be based in Singapore Preferred Chinese Basic Requirements Degree/Master in Electrical/Electronic engineering 3-5 years experience in the area of product development Knowledge of firmware, hardware design and FPGA/CPLD development are essential Knowledge and working experience (...)