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Hi all, I somehow familier with the electrical and electronics theory. Please help me How to start to do the mini projects? From which topic onwards shall i start? I prefer to do in analog projects rather than microcontroller projects which involve programming. Thanks in advance.
Hi everyone, I have done re-engineering work of a product(Microcontroller based dimmer with SMPS power supply as a single PCB). I designed the PCB and assembled all the components on the PCB. Its turned ON and working. What are the "hardware Tests" should i do to work the product perfectly? Thanks (...)
For a hardware Engineer, while we use a chip based on ARM or MIPS platform, is there some technical knowledge we should know? and is there some point we should pay more attention between this two different architecture? Thank you very much.
Job title: Senior hardware Engineer Job description: You are responsible for developing a solution for Veloce Softmodel Memories and verifying it on Veloce Emulator Qualification & Experience: B.Sc. in Electronic or Computer engineering with Very Good with honors at least *Minimum 3 years experience* (...)
Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2014 Companies in the electronics industry are increasingly seeking outside support in printed circuit board design. 911EDA has expanded its engineering capabilities significantly over the past year with core services including PCB engineering in hardware, software, and (...)
If you have sufficient knowledge of linux OS. then you can start reading about "Linux Porting on Embedded hardware" "U-Boot and Grub Bootloader".. and file types etc... Slowly you will get an idea. Best of Luck
Hello, I am master's student enrolled in the hardware track of Computer engineering. I am working on a research project in the area of Leakage Power and Low Power Design at architectural level. My aim is to develop a mechanism so that we can control the temperature of the the individual components like hard drive, video card, CPU when (...)
I'm just out of college, University of Texas - EE, and I am at a small company with no other hardware engineers and no one speaks English! I'm handed source code for a system on a PCB and need to figure it all out. The system is quite complex. It has a communication board, FPGA, DSP, CPLD, ADCs, (...)
Board bring up- To see if the Board is powering on properly, if all power rails are up and running, if all clocks are proper and if all Resets are correct. and then programming the devices and do a basic hardware functionality test and handover to Software team for further (...)
Hi,i am recently graduted in electronics and communication engineering and i am also a diploma holder in Applied electronics too...if you don't mind please suggest me some good carrier options...
hye guys,Im a computer engineering student and now very confused in choosing my fyp or hardware (i prefer something about processor)..pls help me out here guys..
A little on my background and reason for this question. I am an EEE engineer (wasted my college years as I didn't have any interest in electronics at that time ). Then I got my first software engineering job, designing software for creating embedded hardware design ( which made me started hating software and loving (...)
Hi, Im 2nd year Computer engineering undergrad, We are tying to identity water leakages on the subsurface water distribution pipe lines by measuring the sound at the leakage point. We have to use a mobile computer which run windows phone 6.5 OS. and that mobile computer doesn't have a mic , it only have a USB host hardware, os in our (...)
The problem with tools like this is that it requires the same engineering ability as you need for HDL. If you write badly designed C from a hardware perspective, you are going to get a bad design. This is NOT a tool that allows C developers to create hardware, this is a tool that allows hardware developers to write C (...)
kindly go thru the link for list of dsp projects . FINAL YEAR PROJECTS, engineering PROJECTS, STUDENT PROJECTS, BE / BTECH PROJECTS, MCA PROJECTS, IEEE PROJECTS, FINAL YEAR PROJECTS IN CHENNAI, IEEE PROJECTS 2009 list contains both matlab and hardware
Hi all, I'm a French student following a second year in a Master degree of engineering electronics. I look for an internship dealing with hardware electronics in a US company. I'm open to all offers, and I'm also open to comments and questions. It would be good for me to have some advices for my search. If you (...)
you need to see your interest first whether you are interested in programming or hardware designing because if you choose microcontrollers ,embedded and vlsi you will have to learn vhdl and assembly which involves coding but if you stick with vlsi and embedded you have a very good scope further..
Research Assistant for RF/Microwave Circuit Design There is a vacant part time (around 25 ? 30 hours per week) Research Assistant (RA) position at the Electronics engineering Department, the American University in Cairo. The duties of this position is to assist and participate in research in RF hardware design f
A USB base 16 bit, 4 channel A2D plus a PC based dll that communicates with the hardware to set it up and to write samples to memory variables
Hi all, In my project, I need to generate sweep signals for the frequency range for GSM bands ie. 890-960Mhz and 1710-1860Mhz. 1. How to generate sweep signals for the above frequency range ? 2. Can it be generated for the above frequency or should i generate sweep signal for 2ghz and select the above two frequencies while (...)