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Hi everybody; I am somehow new to ads 2015.01 and I need some guidance; 1) Do I need a technology file (design kit) for ads 2015.01 in order to start an RF LC-VCO design? 2)How can I get RF 0.18um CMOS design kit for ads 2015.01? 3)Is ads 2015.01 (...)
Hello! Did anyone use QFN Package design kit, that is included in ads? Also there are package design kits from Amkor and
Visiting website: They offer a free trial version. Evidently you need to register first. They ask you to fill in email address and several more fields. The tab 'Free tools' lists several items.
I could not get the expected performance. Is it because the BJT kit is non-linear component; therefore, it can not be simulated when it connect with a EM model of momentum simulation result? Why don't you post your schematic? It's difficult to understand what you expect and what you have obtained. (...)
for modelithics library, design kits --> manage favorite design kits --> add library definition files and than select .defs file
That would most likely be (drum roll...) TSMC. If they support ads. If only Agilent supports ads TSMC kit, it's likely they'll still make you get permission from TSMC, because the root IP is still theirs and they'd have had to sign some agreements about distributing it. Just as you will, (...)
That NEC Design kit (version 1.5) is obsolete. It was released to support the ads2002, ads2002C, and ads2003C versions of ads. It is not possible to use it in ads 2011 or later. What you need is the updated version which is now the Renesas Electronics Acti
From UMC of course, and perhaps from Europractice: 107254
Hello everyone! I need a switching n-mosfet for a 50MHz pulse at the gate. The specifications would be Vds=1V and Vg=1.8V and in Enhancement-mode. The current should be around 5mA and I need a spice model (or ads design kit ) for this transistor because I (...)
I encounter this strange problem that my SDA signal is shifted by one SCl cyle and I cannot eliminate this error by any chance. I am using an ACTEL PROASIC3E Starter kit and I want to access a ads1015 breakout board that uses I2c bus to get command signals (...)
Hi everyone, I have a file(CMOSP18 "") of TSMC (0.18um Mixed-Signal SALICIDE(1P6M+, 1.8V/3.3V)),and I have been using the "Netlist Include" component in ads 2009, only for simulating MOSFET(just by changing model name of MOSFET),and I could run simulations without any trouble. Now, I would (...)
Download NXPs Small Signal Design kit for ads ( be careful about the version of ads which you intend to use ) and you will see BAP51-02 and BAP51-03..(SPICE Models) I think they are fine enough for your application.
It is possible to migrate ads 2009 PDKs to be able to work with them in ads 2011 and later versions of ads. It is all described in the manuals here: ads 2011 PDK Upgrade However, please note: Important PDKs cannot be successfully upgraded by the end users of t
Hello, I need import those model parameters in the .txt file to a model transistor in ads. Does any method exist to do this instead of doing it manually? Txt file: This .txt is a spice model and I imported it in my schematic window, but I need the model parameters and th
TSMC typically ships model for ads as a netlist file (in Cadence Spectre format) that is included in the ads simulation netlist at runtime. To see that file check in the circuit/models folder under the location that you installed the TSMC Process Design kit. This netlist file is just a simple text file that can be read (...)
I would check your version of the RF Power Model kit and not use any Rev 0. The latest is: RF Power Design kit for ads 2009 and ads 2011 version: 1.0 The OMMIC PDKs for their ED02AH (PHEMT), D01PH (PHEMT), D01MH (MHEMT), and D007IH (MHEMT) processes support a complete ads front-to-back end MMIC design flow with scalable devices, native
search the transistor over nxp or freescale or anyother vendor .. you will find "design kit" for your component on their website.. download it and just install it !!!
If you are copying models and symbols you must be using ads 2009U1 or earlier so the best way is to create a Design kit with your custom part(s). Check this for full tutorial and description of the process. ads 2009U1 Design kit Development Manual. The (...)
download the simulation model (design kit) of the transistor from Cree website!!! then Go Designkit > select Install ads Design kit and 1 step > Unzip Design kit > select your zip. kit file, and after unzipping install (...)