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Sounds like a job for a 2-input and gate. Case 1: When the radio is playing and you press a button, send the command to the radio. Case 2: When the mp3 plays and you press a button, send the command to the (...)
Hi. i have this TEA5767 i want to recycle in new project. The pinout of this chip is not like any of what i can found in the Internet. i got it from a Chinese mp3 player called H85-03LFC-MAIN. Here are some pics of the module and the motherboard. can anyone help me to figure out the correct connexions? [ATTACH=
Hi all. I am currently working on a project which involves an mp3 module and i would like to get an led to react (in light intensity level) to the amplitude of the signal it generates. i am using a transistor to drive the led with the base connected to one of the mp3 modules speaker outputs (...)
Hi, A PIC16F1936 cannot decode the mp3 files in real-time and generate audio. It may however be used to communicate with the SD-CARD via SPI. Given the amount of RAM 512B, I doubt whether it can accommodate FAT16 library. Using a VLSI solution like the VS1053 seems viable. Here are a few links: (Helpful if you are in India)
Hello guys, Does anyone have experience with VS1053 mp3 module interfaced to AVR
It is a modification of factory radio Grunding AD182M. It consists of inserting a module that plays mp3 into the radio. Display and card/pendrive input are in the place where a cassette was inserted once. [url=ht
If you send the corresponding signals through the digital input and amplify the audio output, yes you can play audio.
Hi, I have a mp3/video player with has capacity of 256 MB. I want to increase its size but the problem is that I do not have the flash chips available here, and I do not know up to what size I can use the new chip or the max size supported of the new chip. Can I use a microSD module instead (at present there is no slot), (...)
hi, I'm looking for mp3 module ( DSP used in mp3 players) with those standard features : mp3 decoder, system controller for loading mp3 files from a USB flash drive, dictaphone and 1 or 2 GB memory. (...)
Hi, It looks fine, but I am not sure is it possible to do. Any way, this evening I am going to buy a cheap MP# player and will open it - I intend to use it for mp3 recording, but I do not know what I will find inside it.

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