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Sounds like a job for a 2-input and gate. Case 1: When the radio is playing and you press a button, send the command to the radio. Case 2: When the mp3 plays and you press a button, send the command to the (...)
Hi. i have this TEA5767 i want to recycle in new project. The pinout of this chip is not like any of what i can found in the Internet. i got it from a Chinese mp3 player called H85-03LFC-MAIN. Here are some pics of the module and the motherboard. can anyone help me to figure out the correct connexions? 123507 [A
Hi all. I am currently working on a project which involves an mp3 module and i would like to get an led to react (in light intensity level) to the amplitude of the signal it generates. i am using a transistor to drive the led with the base connected to one of the mp3 modules speaker outputs (...)
Hi, A PIC16F1936 cannot decode the mp3 files in real-time and generate audio. It may however be used to communicate with the SD-CARD via SPI. Given the amount of RAM 512B, I doubt whether it can accommodate FAT16 library. Using a VLSI solution like the VS1053 seems viable. Here are a few links: (Helpful if you are in India)
Hello guys, Does anyone have experience with VS1053 mp3 module interfaced to AVR
It is a modification of factory radio Grunding AD182M. It consists of inserting a module that plays mp3 into the radio. Display and card/pendrive input are in the place where a cassette was inserted once. [url=ht
If you send the corresponding signals through the digital input and amplify the audio output, yes you can play audio.
I think what you are attempting to do has a very low chance of success. It all depends on the controller chip used in the mp3 player. This chip must support an SD card. and the PCB designer must have routed out the pins to support the SD card. The chances of this are slim. If this model did not support SD, then even if the controller (...)
hi, I'm looking for mp3 module ( DSP used in mp3 players) with those standard features : mp3 decoder, system controller for loading mp3 files from a USB flash drive, dictaphone and 1 or 2 GB memory. (...)
Hi, It looks fine, but I am not sure is it possible to do. Any way, this evening I am going to buy a cheap MP# player and will open it - I intend to use it for mp3 recording, but I do not know what I will find inside it.

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