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From viewpoint of timing closure, what is different before and after CTS? before CTS, it is assumed the clock is ideal and reaches every single flip flop at the exact same time. In reality, after the CTS, there are small differences between clock arrival time at the nodes of the tree. Sometimes the difference hel
157698 Regarding ADS momentum co-simulation (simulate layout using momentum simulation in layout window and create symbol, then open the symbol in the schematic window and connect the discrete components). My question on the component gap in the layout window. Do I need to place space component gap like the c-space (circled
Hiiii please any one help me, can i use the tunable resistor architecture which is shown below as Memristor in lower technology ( 45nm and also lower than that) ? if yes where should I add the capacitor to restore signal( voltage)? 157699 please suggest me any other memristor architecture (mos realization). I tried wi
Hi guys, I've been wanting to ask if there's any way to place an LC circuit with the reverse-biased operation of a Zener diode. Would it be possible to have that in a reverse-biased condition? Everything I've searched on was in forward-biased operation. Also, can you give me tips on how to design an L and C values? Thank you!
Hello, I am trying to reproduce result from one of the published paper. However, no way I get the apparently meaningful result. Can anyone please suggest me what I have done wrong in the design, i.e. port define, boundary, Every dimension has been taken accurately as per the attached paper. So structure is as accurate as possible. I have uploaded
This is not Class-AB Amplifier, it's just A-Class Cascode Amplifier.It's very well explicitly seen that from PAE curve..%25 ! In additional to that, AB-Class Power Amplifiers' Transistors are driven differentially so there are two Transformers ( or equivalent ) at both Input and Output. Each Transistor has Less Than or Equal 180 degree of Current C
I think you are getting a few concepts mixed up here. (I've glanced at the various data sheets but, as I've not used these devices myself, I don't have the time to study them in depth.) Taking the SPI interface first, it looks like you have this fairly well sorted if you can configure the MAX3421e registers. However you mention 'full duplex' - this
Hello I have circuit cards that is not functional, I would like to troubleshoot and understand root cause, like which circuity or IC chip is causing the failure. the circuit card consist of XLINX, DSP, FPGA IC's, Any advise or software that can help me to start with? other than JTAG,
Has anyone heard of the White Follower Buffer in Integrated Circuit Design - I saw it in a VCO paper for a cross coupled VCO and it was used as a buffer, but I can't find an IC analysis of it. Thanks.
Rather than hi-jacking the thread "Precision op amps - is 1 microvolt offset believable?", I decided to open a new topic. After reading the thread above, I remembered that I had an OPA735 (bought brand new from Digikey) and decided to play with it a little. You know, I had nothing better to do on a dreary Sunday afternoon. I built a classic d
I agree, the code is very badly formatted and confusing to say the least. Additionally, the resistor packs in the schematic seem to do nothing useful. The Arduino end should work but all it does is make pin 13 high when it receives 0x02, note this is not the character '2' which has ASCII code 0x32. I can't make any sense of the 8051 end, the sche
Hi, I am trying to play with the connection of two random BT devices and see if they can connect with each other. I found the answer is no. This is what I have: 1. a BT speaker
RDSON is higher with Sic Not at all. Qg and Eorss is considerable lower for SiC with same Rdson. Consider that most vendors consolidated their 1200V SiC portfolio before starting 650V and 900V. But the offer is constantly growing. SiC devices are still more expensive than Si with comparable switching power.
I understand that a chopper keeps flipping the input DC signal so that an AC signal is obtained and amplified. But to do it with microvolt signals requires using noise-free switches. The only relatively noise-free method of switching that comes to my mind is using photoresistors and proper light sources. But I know that photoresistors (...)
Someones like tubes due to their their own distortion and sound and nowadays the people who want to listen original sounds pay thousands bucks for tube amplifiers even tube radios.. Aging is the most common problems for tubes and also performance degrading is another one.They produce also heat like a electrical heater..
Would you say its optimal to interleave wind the transformer on a Phase Shift Full Bridge a Phase Shift Full Bridge converter, there is obviously a need for a primary side series inductor to bring about ZVS. Would you say it is best to implement the series inductor with a separate inductor, and then interleave wind the actual ful
I have a complex structure I have drawn in HFSS using Python scripting. It is a TE mode structure consisting of a series of cells of different lengths in z. The shape in the XY plane varies to keep the cutoff frequency constant as a parameter varies with z. I can draw the shapes at each z(i) and sweep them to z(i+1). This gives me a step approximat
Hi I'm trying to use cosmos scope but I get "The file format is not understood" error, while It got "job concluded" in .lis file and it runs in "avanvawes". How can I solve it? 157682Best Regards
Hi, I use HSPICE 2008 and cosmos scope 4 - 2015 and when I want to see plot file of my simulation, I receive an error, while It got "job concluded" in .lis file and be able to run in "avanvawes". How can I solve it? Best Regards 157681
Any good earbud design? and reommendation.