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I wanted to understand when do we need probability and statistics together and when either probability or statistics can be used independently to derive inference
Every library has timing models derived from some bounding conditions including min and max load. The fanout you specify, or the fanout that your local setup defaults to, must respect that "box" or you will be applying models that don't (potentially) cover the circuit realities.
I had posted about this a couple years ago but never followed through because I found a source of more transmitters for the frequency I was looking for. Now I'm in need of having to convert again. I mapped out the markings on the components of the 433 vs 315 board and found all these differences. Some of markings on the little beige components a
Although perl/python are interpretive languages, thay are not interactive like a shell. You still need shell scripts to setup your environment, create directories, and execute your perl/python scripts. You will see a lot less shell scripting, so the choice between csh and bash is less important. But what is most important is that ever
I hope its OK to set this thread up as a question point for Vicor power modules? (saves doing lots of different posts) Hi, We wish to use two BCM4414xH0E5035yzz SMPS modules in parallel for a 3.3kW load. Vin = 800VDC, Vout = 48VDC, 70A. BCM4414xH0E5035yzz datasheet
I have some questions about 1) Why is skid buffer designed to be 2-entries FIFO instead of just 1-entry FIFO ? However, pipelining handshaking is more complicated: simply adding a pipeline register to the valid, ready, and
Although it's feasible to use smps method to convert mains AC (assuming 230V) to 300 VDC... I can't help but think there's a simpler topology. It looks as though C6 acquires 330 VDC peak. C6 provides power to your converter. (330 is 230 Times Square root of 2, the standard formula for calculating peaks of a sinewave.) This is very close to you
I have a lot of difficulty understanding certain functions and understandings of CST, I know frequency, reflection coefficient S11 and transmission loss But the image below shows what I doubt. If anyone has material that talks about each point it comes to each function. 157915
Hi, What is the use of base fill after streaming out the gds in asics ? Is it only to fill in the gaps where there is nothing placed, for eg. between the core and IO areas, or in the halo areas around macros ? Or is something filled between the base layers of the already existing standard cells, macros etc ? Thanks, Aditya
I've been doing a lot of survey article for fanout for design compiler. But for some technology process such as 90nm/.18um , our target library (.db / .lib) has already the settings of max_fanout/ max_capcitance for our design, but in 4x nm process, I can't find the max_fanout in .lib file 1. Is that the reason for settings ?? (But how to determi
Hello Everyone... I am using Auto desk Eagle version 9 for PCB design. More than 2 years I am using the same for my project works. My current version in Eagle 9.0.. Due to some reasons I need to update all My resistors(Pads size- Landing Area) and capacitors in all my work which was done previously. It will be more than 25 boards! I ha
What is ng ? What are the purposes of Ctrl0, Ctrl1, Ctrl2 and Ctrl3 ? 157929
Hi , At the moment I am trying to perform parasitic extraction using PVS-Quantus to get the RLC parasitics of the metal stack (routing). the Pcell of my the transistor already includes RLC parasitics , I want this part of the layout to be blocked from parasitic extraction to avoid parasitics double counting To do that : ? I preserved the
i found this equation on the internet 2 √ ( i/n π a) for calculating the gauge of both the primary wire and secondary wire of a flyback converter. i is effective current, and n is number of turns, a is current density, and the article said pick 4 amps per millimeter squared to 8 amps per millimeter squared. would an (...)
Dear all, Hope everybody is fine. I am interested to design a power amplifier for RFID applications (frequency ranging from 7MHz to 9MHz). For the said purpose i had designed PA by using MOSFET but now i am interested to replace MOSFET with CMOS Transistor. But unfortunately i am unable to decide which part number's transistor is suitable for the
Hi, I am looking for a converter to transfer the mechnical energy from bicycling pedal to the electrical energy. Here is the application: 1. the tire of the bicycle can move ahead around 1 meter per second, that is the input of the mechnical energy 2. I am trying to charge a battery that is 3V and 500mAhr capacity. That is where the output ele
If you want that an RF signal can be measured by means of a simple DMM you need a detector. It converts the RF level to a DC voltage that can be easily measured. Unless you filter the signal coming from the antenna in the band you wants, your detector will see all the signals picked-up by the antenna. This means the output of the detector will be t
In the data sheet of a 400 MHz transistor I found fall time = 60 ns. Clearly these are contradictory specifications - trise and tfall should be at least an order of magnitude shorter. Should I believe that fT is specified correctly? (e.g. 2SA2088FRAT106Q transistor).
Hi, The cable seen at 4:50 of this.. 100m long. Since it comprises "go" and "return", the inductance of the coiled up cable on the winch will be very low. Do you know a formula to calculate this? 1...for twisted pair cable 2...for side-by-side cable ..or just a rough estimate of the co
I am using 4Mhz crystal with pic16F886 using timer interrupt 1ms. In below Here i could able to display set value and process value.During ontime Setvalue displayed on bottom Dissect(value) & process value on top Dissect_2(value) For Off time Setvalue displayed on TOp Dissect_2(value) & process value on bottomDissect(value) First cycle where