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Hi everyone, in these days I've looked for the Tesla Model 3 BMS and, like some other PCBs, I see the board has some dot/circle of copper on top layer. 157863 What is the purpose of this solution? It was designed to distribuite the copper on outer layer of the board and avoid copper plating issues (over/under plating)?
Hi, I have run transient analysis in ADEL and the data points taken for the signal are too many, 500 kB of data generated for 3us of transient analysis. How to reduce this points taken by ADEL? Because if I run it for 1 second this would need 166367 GB. Is ridiculous.
Hi, I have been working in hardware board design since from last 3 years and now wish to switch to embedded software because i have very much interest in software development. But i am not getting how to start learning new skills. Please guide me if anybody knows good online resource so that i can learn coding Thank you, Ghana_
Hi, I have successfully run a monte carlo (transient) and extracted the vth for each run (using the "finalOptime") option. Anyone know how to set this up same vth extraction in spectre command line? Adding the finalOptime option in the command line run only outputs a single monte carlo run. I should in theory be able to copy all (...)
I'm trying simulating my hffs file (.aedt format) on other computer, but this error message appears and can't progress on simulation. "Unknown type of source project. Please check the extension of the source file" Any help..?:(
hi, when we instantiate ODDR then how to provide value to "SRTYPE" and set/reset. I mean for "async" and "sync" in SRTYPE what should be the value in set /reset?
Hello, I am currently doing my project which requires me to use DE1-SoC. The project is to perform bearing health?s prognostic, it includes 3 parts which are: feature extraction, linear regression, and remaining useful life estimation using polynomial regression. What I have is the Python code for the above 3 functions, and I want to perform fe
Hi, I wanted to insert cell using script in innovus during eco. I intended to using ecoAddrepeater command for this, and wanted to add prefix for the cell added. (e.g. eco_fix_leak ) is there any way to add prefix to inst ? Really looking forward to your reply!
I quite understand linear equation such as y=mx+c, but I am confused about linear and non linear differential equations. consider y=x^3, which is a non linear function. How is dy/dx=2x^2 a linear differential equation? Sorry if it is too elementary
Dear All, Does anybody source code of Half precision floating-point adder? THX
in general, a measure in dB is 10 log (A/reference A) so things like voltage would be 10 log (voltage/reference voltage) and things like power would be 20 log(power/power reference) you must use a reference (or at least an implied reference) because you cannot take the log of a unit log (volts) or log(meter) cannot be done - you can only take the
Hello , In the the photo bellow we have a common mode feedback circuit. Mismatch in currents causes a mismatch in voltages which is amplified and connected to the gates of BIAS pmos transistors on top. But how exactly it fixes the problem ? The output of the OPAMP is an AC signal ,its not a constant DC point, how does exactly putting an AMPLI
Hello, is this the right forum section to ask about how to fix a power supply? I have a power supply and its dead, i can post further information but if you can tell me that its allowed here. Thank you
Vin = 9.2V - 9.8V. For the circuit mentioned in the figure, if Input Voltage crosses 10V , Zener gets activated. For the given circuit, when zener is activated, will more current flow through the base of PNP and cause any trouble to the PNP transistor ? Or the circuit would do fine ?
I recently got TI control card for F2837X cpu ( ) I am using CCS as an IDE. I am trying to first understand how to flash a simple LED blink program to the board and debug it. But struggling with it. I connected the control card to computer with USB c
M1 is half of the diff.pair, so its current is half of the tail current. Thus M3,M4 have a 80uA current. You have to know the ratio of M11/M4 ratio to know how much is the current of M11, which equals with M7's current. The article states that M7 and M11's current was set by calculating the output resistance, which is not clear how was derived. Th
hi could i use directional coupler instead of combiner? i need to combine two signal but hasn't any combiner. if i use coupler, what happen for signal? is that degrade? freq=uhf. tnx you are possible using a quadrature hybrid coupler (a type of directional coupler) as a combiner at the cost of 3 dB attenuation at bran
Hi, I want to make a radar that can detect people/objects from the back of the car when it is reversing. I have demo position2go kit, but I can't seem to configure it to detect reliably. Sometimes it detects when nothing is there and sometimes it doesn't detect objects(people), and usually it detects "ghosts" (short blimps). I have been using
But that does not answer my main question: are you aware of EDA softwares implementing pseudo-wave formulation?See attached figure in Keysight ADSsim and Momentum : Power-Wave Formulation Keysight EMPro : Pseudo-
Hello, I am looking for is how the mobile knows which frequency or band it is using for transmission and reception? for e.g. : I am texting somebody. first the signal will go through triplexer then modulation of the signal. after that filtering of signal will take place. then it will go through power amplifier and in the last, mobile (...)