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Hi I face with some problem in my project I want to use diode s2p but idont understand how can I use it It is the file First there are some s2p with different condition for example 50ma 40V and I think that 50 ma i
and not only the enigma machine, but some key parts of crashed V2 rockets were also retrieved by the Poles.
157828 I am tracing a circuit for TDS ( Total dissolved substance) meter where I found this Microcontroller. I could not get details of this IC yet. I found that this IC drives 12 pin LCD ( 3 digits), has an i2c interface , a PWM pin with 10 Hz / 1 % duty cycle and 2 ADC inputs.
Hi, I need to generate a saif file for iscas 89 s38417 benchmark. I need a good testbench for that. I searched the previous posts and I found a link for that but it doesn't work anymore. could anyone help me with that.
Hello All, I would like to know how the mobile knows which frequency(2G/3G/4G) it is using while communicating? for e.g. when i am moving, sometimes mobile shows it is in 3G network and sometimes in 4G Network. so i want to know when mobile network switch from 3G to 4G or vice versa, what really happens inside the mobile (hardware level)?
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Hi all, I have requirement for a display PCBA, It has some 7-seg LEDs display (used for home appliance). I met a problem: after a certain time, one or several segments were broken and no light. (error rate about 0.5%) To solve this trouble, our supplier (an IDH) who designed my PCBA said he must design the new 7-seg LED with integrated Zener dio
I am looking for a component for non-invasive (non-contact) coupling between a 11kV, 60Hz AC line (without neutral) and a current detector such as HCPL-0370 with a low voltage input of no more than 220V AC. Current transformer might be an option but installation is difficult due to 11kV insulation requirement and cost, and it may need to (...)
Is it possible to have power line communication through several distribution transformer? The transceivers should be connected to 220V low voltage AC outlets with a communication link through a 11kV high-voltage line (delta-connected and without neutral) and through 11k/220V distribution transformers. Are there any commercial products available
Dear all, Could anyone please help me measure INL of an ADC in cadence? Currently i am giving a ramp input to the ADC, and trying to get the histogram measurement of the ADC output. Using the, I am trying to calculate the DNL and hence INL. I feel that this method is not accurate. I tried using the INL function in cadence. But that didnt work eith
Hello everyone I am trying to design a charge scaling DAC. I am having problem with the output switch(transmission gate). When simulated individually it works fine. But when integrated into the DAC the output at the end of the switch remains floating at 1.8V(net9,net16,net11,net12). I couldn't understand the reason. Could someone help me out. T
I need to build a circuit that should save power of the "next" (main) stage for 12 hours. So the 12 hours is the duty cycle. I've run into TI nano timers but their max duty cycle is just 2 hours. and I need 12. Also, I'd like to be able to set the "reference point" with a button click or some "pre-
I am trying to design two amplifiers in this kind of system, and I think I need to test the open loop performance of the amplifiers before applying them to the system. could anyone tell me how to find the loading of these two amplifiers in this kind of system? 157811
Hi to all, I do not understand what is the correct pinout of the old 72 pin SIMM memories, some of the documents that I have found are conflicting for some PINs. I am creating a project to drive several SIMMs with one FPGA, could you show me some reference scheme?
I am in need of an extensive menu system for an LCD, actuated with an encoder. The architecture I have created is an encoder-controlled system. Push-button enters the next menu item. Moving the encoder engages the next-previous operation. This structure is based on a doubly-linked list. Everything is programmed in C++. The main program archit
When we simulate our circuit in ADS software then error message is shown and error message is- 'MOSFET1'is an instance of an undefined model MOSFET1'. So tell us how we remove this error for simulation of our circuit.
I want do simulate a diplexer with the axiem simulator. My problem is, that I also need to use a capacitor and a resistor in the design. This works well in the schematic simulation, but produces strange results with the axiem simulator. The S21 attenuation is much to high. I'm using models from the modelithics library. Another strange thing is, tha
Hi, I am in UK. I have now bought two DAB radios (from supermarkets) and neither of them work on the switch mode mains adapter that they were supplied with. ( too much distortion/noise) .They do work on battery. So I want to buy a small mains transformer, rectifier, smoothing caps, voltage regulator etc etc so that I can wire this into the b
I am trying to use feedfoward compensation in multi-stage OTA for driving large capacitive load. However, it always oscillate, and PZ analysis in cadence spectre always shows RHP pole in my amplifier.. The circuit I have tried are all from journals. Here is one example https
hi in this figure, what is the seen impedance in x point by M4T mosfet?pl. explain how calculate the impedance at this point? pay attention that M4T is in triode region. do 4 bottom transistors have role in impedance? what different is occurred if sources of vp and vm are dissconected?why this connection is used? thanks 157769