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Hi, Either you want us to guess, or you need to give useful informations. In electronics we calculate with voltage, power, current, energy, time... and besides this we need to know what additionally should be powered: monitor, keyboard, mouse, hdd, sdd, ... and for sure their power requirements. Klaus
In addition, most likely the working circuit running in simulation not being exactly the same on assembly; in Proteus the model is based on the HD44780 controller whose contrast voltage (Vo) is specified between 0v and 5v (Vcc) whereas for the one used on the above assembly (ST7066), Vo is recommended to be in the range of Vcc-10v to Vcc, ty
Hi all, I need to write a verilog AMS code for Voltage controlled delay line. There is an available code but this is made for pulse input and ouput. I need to have sine wave input and output. module vcdl ( VC, CK_IN, CK_OUT ); input VC, CK_IN; output CK_OUT; electrical VC, CK_IN, CK_OUT; parameter real Fref=200M from (0:in
Hi Everyone, I want to return to the FPGA world. In the past I only used Xilinx FPGAs and I remeber their devolpment tools (ISE webpack) was heavy and buggy. I also was looking at prices in Digikey and their products seem to be much more expensive than those of Lattice or Intel for similar specs. Im planning to start with a development (...)
Welcome TheXander, Extend the CPW to the edges of the simulation domain, and apply the waveports there. Then, they won't need to be backed by a PEC.
get some good resistors to measure the line to line voltages resistor divider to provide a sample resistor and simple zener or transistor regulator to provide power simple optical emitter and optical receiver about 4(?) 5(?) inches apart to provide optical isolation when sample is good, turn on optical emitter when sample is bad, remove signal
You might be able to make a cascode open-drain stage if you have a HV well or a SOI tub to put the guard NMOS into. Tie its gate to VDD, source to the "master" switch NMOS below, drain is the "open collector" output. But plain cheap JI technology would still leave you with Vdb=7V and this isn't going to fly, most likely. There's also the
Dear, I need to design a GaAs Willkinson divider. I found the phase and amplitude abrupt change in 2GHz or so. The layout is simulated by ADS momentum. Is it produced by the ring resonation of Willkinson divider structure? Are there anybody else encounters this problem? How to avoid the unwanted abrupt change? Jade
Hi All, I am not sure what would be better. In the case that we have a one single layer PCB what would be more advantageous for EMC?. Would we prefer to create a ground plane that would contribute to less inductive impedance at high frequencies but on the other hand it could create current loops, or would we prefer to have two power rails, one
I have a unit that's been operational for a little over a year. Something went wrong and suddenly the LCD is no longer getting the I2C clock signal. Shorting the LCD's pin directly to the I2C SCL pin of another chip gets it working again. I found a discontinuity between a via underneath the MSP back to the MSP pin. Everywhere else on the line ha
Dear Members, I am trying to repair a Toshiba LCD TV CCFL backlight circuit, I found 4 sot components which I am finding tricky to identify, any inputs from the members would be appreciated. The 4 parts are as follows 1) SOT23 SMD code CA66 (possibly a diode as two legs are connected on the SMD pad ). 2) SOT23 SMD code
Why not review the respective standards? In a short, they are all using 100 ohm differential termination.
Sometimes the ad is on both sides and the page works. Sometimes the ad is in the middle and nothing works. If I reload the page repeatedly, the page will work after a few tries.
Use awvSetXAxisLabel() and awvSetYAxisLabel().
Literally, a VCO is a VFC (voltage to frequency converter) and vice versa. Specifically the term VFC refers to converters with large frequency ratio (e.g. 0 to xx kHz) and high linearity. The frequency ratio of a VCO can range between several 100 ppm (tuned crystal oscillator) to decades (current steered rings oscillator).
I look at the subject would like to realize it for one frequency below 20MHz, so that the meter is on the same PCB as an RF amplifier. Toroids for measurement T37-43 , RF line go on PCB -> wire through the toroid -> back to PCB, max lenght of
it is because of the gain difference as Vin goes up between CCM and DCM ...
I need to wind the toroidal coil T130 ironpowder 7 theard, current 2A, frequency 15MHz My first choice and practically proven solution is use magnet wire 1x1,2mm + simple solution + mechnically stable + the wire holds well on the toroid - higher AC resistance (Skin Effect Depth on 15MHz 17um) second option Use 4x0,7 wire, + the re
1 ns risetime is corresponding to about 350 MHz bandwidth. Thus 1 GHz simulation bandwidth will give a good estimation.Wrong. For time resolution of 1nsec/10, system bandwidth is 10GHz. In convolution, FIR has to be evaluated for delta_t less than 1nsec/10. This means inverse FFT requires frequency range from 0Hz to
Consider that the datasheet system diagram is simplified. As you already found out, it's no possible to cover the supported frequency range with fixed ADC sampling rate and 2048 samples window length. Instead of guessing about the missing info in datasheet, I would refer to DSP literature and known methods for performing phase selective signal proc