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hi all right now am designing three phase protection circuit for that i planned to measure the voltage using resistor net work method, herewith i had attached my circuit and my volt measuring code, everything working good but in sometimes the R phase connected to AN0 pin shows high reading, kindly go through my code and give your valuable sugges
Hi, What do I do when I don't find the component in the libraries? Most of them are standard parts, like the pinhead connectors. I'm sure there are libraries for them. But if you don't find, then do what is the most obvious (and already suggested in similar threads): draw your own. Either by copying an existing part and modify it..
Hi, Replace C15. Joke aside. How do you think we can help when you don't give a single information about your hardware? By guessing? --> give complete informations. Like schematics, PCB layout, exact part numbers and manufacturers, scope pictures, test conditions... Klaus
Hi, The ckt as as draw as attached, is a auto/manual control panel board for pump-motor and trying to configure to run with MCU control auto operation and manual (with start/stop button in board). With the panel here i have included 2 nos relay: Relay-1, NO, parallel connected to START BUTTON and Relay-2, NC, series connected with STOP (...)
You don't need to disassemble it to know how it works. Some MCB series have a mechanical interface for auxiliary modules, either signal contacts or external actuators. Shunt tripping module is just a solenoid coil driving this interface. Depending on the MCB series, the interface is either through a lateral opening or to MCB handle. Review MC
Hi, Impossible to help without schematic and PCB layout / wiring. My guess: ground bounce. Klaus
It is your video so you should know! In truth, yes it will work but it will be very inefficient and the LED lamp will not light at full brightness. First problem: Stepping the voltage up by 145 times also steps the current up by that amount, example for a 6W LED lamp, the current from the battery would have to be around 5 Amps for it to reach ful
Hi all, I'm working on a design that draws power through USB but needs about 1.5A of current at 5V. Hence I'm exceeding the 500mA limit and need to "negotiate" a higher current from the source. I've read various pieces of USB documentation and I understand a small microcontroller would be the way to do this properly. I'm looking for a (...)
I added a new excitaion signal by importing ASCII file BUt the cst gives this below and suddenly aborts : The current settings will lead to an extremely long simulation time. You may improve the simulation speed by: 1. checking the frequency range and units settings 2. reducing the simulation duration 3. checking the mesh to avoid very s
I have a VCVS instance in my schematic design. I can't find VCVS in layout after generate from schematic because there is no VCVS PDK in Layout. How can solve this problem? Thanks. Attached is VCVS symbol in schematic. PDKs pertain to physical implementation at a foundry (and the precursor steps of design captur
Hello i am using the two stages amplifier shown bellow into the transimpedance feedback system shown bellow. if the system shown bellow i have miiler capacitor and feedback ressistor how do i break them into the system shown in the end? Thanks. 157371 157372
Thanks, i suppose there is no power supply on the "tethered drone"?...just the BLDC inverters...which must us high voltage IGBTs?.... Maybe somne just have a rectifier bridge and smoother to feed ~330VDC to the inverters? I wonder what switching frequency such inverters are likely to operate at?.... The Elistair tethered droes are 1.2kw to
Hi, I am trying to design a structure where I need to add some non-symmetric s parameters. However, HFSS is automatically converting it into symmetric. What should I do in this case. In the structure, I have created circuit port and add snp file which is not symmetric. but HFSS is automatically converting this into symmetric. In this case wha
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Wouldn't it be easier to just design the circuit yourself such that at least it produces the same gm and Vdssat, gain for the bias currents that you see on the picture?
I need a max of 40v and 8a to power my drop down variable power supply. I have old microwave transformers so I removed the secondary and rewound it with 14 gauge wire. I now get 48vac and when I use a bridge rectifier it brings it down to 40vdc. I tried to test amps by hooking up my tester (rated at 20amps) and only (...)
+1 What Klaus just mentioned. Before the advent of rail to rail opamps, one had to procure a negative supply, a big hassle for battery operated products. Nowadays, with the proliferation of R2R opamps, both input and output, that is no longer necessary. As Klaus mentions, generate a "virtual ground" 1 volt above the battery's negative voltage.
I have designed LNA. I want to measure S21, S11, S22, S12 and NF for different values of Temperature Values such 360C, 700C, -150C. How to set different values of temperature for LNA using ADS2019. Can we set to all components (such as Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, transistors, MLINs) to temperature separately(
I've seen some improved designs (and shapes) for the coupling loops which claims better performances. The loops are connected to the ground on the other side of the connector, near the walls. Worth to try.
Hey guys, Please see the sketch of my circuit here. 157367 I want to do loop-gain analysis (a.k.a. loop stability analysis) for the top loop. In simulation I simply put a voltage source (i.e. VLG) in part of the feedback and run the LG analysis (ie. AC loop gain). My questi