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hello, you can start with a big pic , to avoid later ,problem of lack of RAM or ROM space The advantage is to keep the same MCU along developpment because even the same 18f family, there are somme differencies between them, and causes lost of time to solve details or supposed bugs. I recently bought (...)
I would suggest any of the pic 16F, 18f, 24F, 30F or 33F processors would work well. To decide which processor and which family you first need to work out the resources you need and for that you need to work out how each of the peripherals you mentioned is connected (...)
Hi, voice signal --> amplify if needed --> analog filtering --> ADC conversion --> digital data stream --> read from ADC --> write to sdCard. * you need to specify analog input voltage range (for ADC and amplifier, if needed) * you need to specify analog frequency range (for analog filter and ADC sample rate) * after each (...)
for 16f/18f pic it work well if i sim on proteus. but for dspic it crash in proteus and in hardward. Did you check if Watchdog is enabled by default ?
WDT is resetting the pic and hence you see garbage on LCD. Before the LCD_Out is fully executed MCU is resetting due to WDT. Zip and post your complete mikroC PRO dspic project files. I will check the project settings.
I have been using 16F series with CCS C for some time , but then one of my projects involved BMP085. The 16F877A could not accommodate this. My question. Which pic series do I use next. 18f >> 32..... I use pic kit 2, and if possible, I do not want to upgrade all my hardware. Please advise. Thx (...)
Tey attached project. There are two versions. One without external interrupts and one with external interrupt.
For all output pins you have to use LATx and LATxbits.LATxx.
Hi, Yes, the FSR is used to point to the location of a large area of Ram and the address can be read and auto incremented etc. Here is a little bit of code that demostrates its use. They are just wiping / blanking various area of ram to zero before starting the main routine. They are in 18f code, (...)
hello, 16F84 ,16F88 are good to start up the studies on pic MCU, but you will loose Time if you keep 16F serie One raison is that compiler are optimised for 18f serie and with MikroC , when you have problem with 16F serie, they just recommend to use 18f. New 16F generation is only to keep back compatibilty (...)
zip and post your protues .dsn file.
For short speech or sound effects when quality isn't very important I use simple PWM at low sampling rate. Even at 4K rate the quality is acceptable. I use a pic 18f series device and an external memory, either I2C or better still SPI (because it's quicker). For sounds <6 seconds there is enough space inside the smaller (...)
hi, i think this works for you. it is a small but very effective solution. most of the jobs are done by computer and memory saved from pic's memory. i used it for 18f series pics but it can be used all types. first make a few minor changes to bootloader program bootloader.c such as pic (...)
Hello Guys ;) Nice Forum :) I want from experience people to help me in OBd II project, how to build with pic Microcontroller serie 18f or 16F, I found the OBD II in this website but there is no code source on .c or .hex and no bcp layer please need the help :( Does anyone have any experience building an OBD II scann
hello what pic family you are using ... sprintf can be used for 18f... and what unit for other info like RPM , Fan value is it integer, long or float ?
Hello, Please give difference between I/O and GPIO. I dont have microcontroller background. Please provide the details. Regards Ravi
Hi, Think these search tables by Microchip will be the closest you will are not that many pic16F and 18f chips, many of them are also
Post code. Maybe data is sent continuously. Does the voltage levels of your micro and MAX3221 match?
Hi, Also post your 18f assembly code, its probably easier to convert it to 16F assembly than re-writing it all in C, unless you are experienced with C ? Wonder why you are going for to such an old type of 16F chip that only has an 8 bit ADC, 10 bit on the 18f, no EEprom and no on board oscillator ?
hello every one; i am working with pic 16F876A at mikroC pro...i would like to use many function in my program (main,interrupt,calculate) i put my program of keypad in function main and i want to displaye on the LCD the value calculated by function calcule; so when i try to call function calculate inside fu
Hi I wanna use ADC OF pic microcontroller which is quiet fast and also is able to be connected to PC via USB port. I should chose the best pic in the first step, so please help me and let me know if 18f series is suitable? best, Mehrega
Hi, Agree with all the above, the 16F range is so well documented with examples, tutorials and forums, but the 18fs are the better chips and actually a bit easier to use, though that only a point you can appreciate once you have used both. Something not mentioned so far it the programming language (...)
If you are new to gsm project then i recommend to use SIM300 module because there is lot of projects and help available on internet. and for pic uC, If you know how to program 18f series then choose any 20 or 28 pin uC or select 16F 20 or 28 pin which includes on chip USART.. (...)
1. download mplabX 2. download hitech compiler depending upon the microcontroller you want to use...(16f or 18f series), lite version is enough.... 3. start a new project in mplabX and select Hitech C as a compiler... 4. add a c source file to the project.... 5. include htc.h 6. u need to set configuration bits of microcontroller....(this (...)
It's a 2 bit quadrature code,output encoder I used to have a working code for this type of encoder but it was for pic16F87xA series, if you are interested I 'll post the code once I get back home. You could modify it for 18f series, but do understand it will be useful only if you (...)
i am doing project with ultrasonic module hc sr-04,and pic 18f4550,please help me for code.i need to trigger sensot with 10 microsecond pulse,then sensor sends 8 bursts of 40khz...they are reflrcted back from object....if obstacle is detected we get 150microsecond to 25ms pulse at echo pin of sensor else if no obstacle (...)
hi i have got Inertial measurement unit MinIMU-9 v2 (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) from Pololu, i need to interface it with pic 18f controller, can any one guide me to interface and to write code for pic controller using ccs compiler.. sensor link: if any one written code for (...)
dear all i have a pic 18f4550 , i am using its ADC + max232 and reading the data using rs232 in my pc i am using 9volt battery then 7805 Reg as Vdd supply my problem when the adc i/p is floating , i get an AC signal 50Hz about 2.5 Vp and when i touch the input i got a complete square (...)
If you need 40MHz clock, you need to use a 10MHz oscillator and then use HSPLL. Frequency multiplication is NOT done physically by you, but is done by the pic. Make sure you select HSPLL mode in configuration settings. Do you need to change the frequency at runtime, or is it okay if you just use 40MHz from startup?
How about the diagram in Microchip's datasheet? It's about as simple is it can get, really, and still show what you need to know.
Since there are only one hardware UART and you have two devices to interface at same time; You have to use a software UART for one of connection. Some programming languages have built in software UART (eg MikroC) library.
I'm on myself learning pic microcontroller, and I choose pic18f452 to start. Now I'm trying to work with Timer 1. and I don't really understand Timer 1 clearly, can anyone tell me what is the difference between modes of Timer (selected by (...)
Hi, How have you got the input pin of the pic configured ? What 18f chip and what pin number are you using ?
Hi, Have a control panel full of switches feeding a 18f via 10k pull ups close to the chip. The cables are around 300 to 400mm long and screened where possible, but am getting odd false activation of the outputs. ( if the inputs are left disconnect from the control panel, no false activations are given) Have seen these DSS 310 (...)
Hi, This should be a really easy one but i cant seem to figure it out, I am using a pic18f46J13 Micro and for i can not seemt to get PORTB,RB0 to work as an output, Here is the init code i am using, ANCON1 = 0x1F; // Set PORTB as Digital TRISB = 0x00; // Set PORTB as (...)
You need to rebuild the code as "Release" rather than "Debug." Project -> Build Configuration -> Release Then rebuild project, select the appropriate programmer and program device with new binary. After the device is programmed, release from reset. Programmer -> Release from Reset BigDog
Hi, Here is one I made earlier, works on any micro, I used it on 10bit adc pics like the 877A or 18f range. There is one very small error on the pdf - Its on the U2 A segment, the power rails are shown wrong way round on the schematic. The pcb is correct with U2 pin 4 to +5v and pin 11 to -5v
Hi, I am trying to do an single phase energy monitoring project. The voltage and current I want to measure is 240Vrms and 20A rms respectively. I am planning to use a voltage divider for voltage measurement and ACS 712 -20A for current measurement . Micro controller planning using is (...)
Hello everybody :) I'm here because i want to program a pic 18f47j53 in USB mode. Unfortunatly i dont understand a damn thing about how the HID works :s if someone can explain me pliz ?! i have see a lot of tuto on the net but no one can really explain until the beginning how to make work an USB connexion. I read a lot of (...)
Hello, i'm programming a pic 18f ( 18f47j53 ) and i want to know what 's the size of the memory that i can use and if they are an easy way to always have this information when i program. :D Thanks.
hi, i am developing a weather monitoring system in that we have to measure the wind speed and wind direction so i dont have any idea about which anemometer to select and how to interface to pic 18f microcontroller but i know about microcontroller . (...)
Hello people, I am trying to understand the Input Capture. I use 18f4331 pic and a 10MHz crystal. You see, I 've got this problem. I used CAP1 of the 18f Microchip's pic to toggle a led connected to RC0. I also use another led connected to RC0. I've (...)
i want to add extra program memory with pic16f72 microcontroller Not possible with the pic16F72. However, some 18f, 24F and dspic33 have an External Bus Interface (EBI) for both program and data storage. Microchip Advanced Part Selector - Select EBI Unde
Hi, Depending on the complexity of the rest of your program you can also use a couple of internal methods. Timer1 can be used as a timebase to an internal interrupt driven rtc. Just add a 32khz crystal and caps to the Timer1 pins, example Assembler code and circuitry in the 18f datasheets, Timer1 (...)
Hi I've been wanting to buy a demoboard over 200 ? urazos with examples including even in English on pic. The demoboard that are looking for pic12F, 16F and 18f, all 8 bits. For now I am struck by some for pic: Easypic v7: D
Hi, I am familiar with the Microchip C30 compiler for the pic24/dspic devices and have used it extensively. I need to "downsize" to the smaller pics and I am trying to avoid assembler. So far I have looked at MikroC, CCS and Hitech. (...)
please need help on how to connect a pic in multimaster mode or hw to connect multiple pic together. scenerio: 1. all pic communicate with a master, while it communicate with the pc. 2. the pc also communicate with the pic and the pic send the message to other. with (...)
hi, pls give me code for distance measurement using an ultrasonic detector and interfacing with pic 18f.
i want to learn pic16. plz provide me easy material or video or link to learn quick and easy way. i really need it to do and as well as need in making final year project. plz help me
Hello there! I`m trying to connect my pic16F877 to internet using ENC28J60 and control the pic through website on the internet. BUT, I don`t know how to initialize the pic and where my web page will be ( in a separate website or will it be stored in the (...)