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I have a PIC32MX795F512L and pic18F4431 . and i have to communication using UART. So My question is that required both side MX232 level shifter? because PIC32MX795F512L is 3.3 v and pic18F4431 is 5 v signal. or i have required only 1 MX232 to communicate both side? Basically my application is Windows (...)
add SSPCON1=0; in the beginning of the while loop also. Did you remove SSPCON1 from the main code ? Sorry, but your suggestions are completely wrong. SSPCON1 will be written once during initialization and usually not touched any more in SPI operation. Review pic18 datasheet! The post #1 code looks right at first sight, didn'
Not sure if this will fix it but try: 1. change all output statements from to On pic18 always write to LAT and read from PORT. 2. if the second code is being tested in hardware, make sure RB0 has a pull-down resistor or is actively driven. Brian.
But you're supposed to write to the output LATCH register; the PORT register is for reading. Yes, you should do so, at least for clarity. But according to pic18 reference, writes to PORTA and LATA go both to the output latch. You also see that analog configuration only affects PORT input operation. So it's more likely a problem of
Too general question. For example, PIC12 is a small packages mcu. PIC16 is a cheapest, pic18 have some more futureres, PIC24 useless, PIC32 powerfull. STM8S - cheapes, STM8A - shows maximum relability, STM8L - low power and e.t.c.
The signalling sounds like a recipe for disaster but the UART itself is extremely reliable. I've been using pic18 UARTs for many years, sometimes two simultaneously, and never had any problem with them. My projects frequently transfer data blocks of up to 32 bytes and some have been in operation for many years without any errors at all but I (...)
The above code is quite small, therefore instead of making a bare translate it is worth of ispecting what exactly it does and then make anoother one in the target architecture. I recommend you firstly draw in flowchart or flowcode in order to visually facilitate the understanding.
Hey Please take a look and my schematic and PCB and check if it's correct. Some my project requirements: - single layer PCB - big tracks, so I can etch at home - RTCC powered with battery (I2C communication + MLF pin) - analog temperature sensor with jumper to analog port - jumpers so I can easily turn on/off pots - IR receiver (...)
Never call functions like UART1_Remappable_Write(rdata ); inside interrupt. and data_read_flag never been cleared. Only set.
All 24xxxx series is I2C 25xxx, 45xxx and 93xxxx is SPI
Hey Can I have two different frequencies in PWMs module? For example 1kHz at CCP1 and 2kHz at CCP2? I tried: PWM1_Init(1000) PWM2_Init(2000) but it seems that one call is overriding second one.... and both PWMs behave the same. Is this a hardware limitation??
Dear all, I am new in PIC programming, I have to make a project on USB interface between pic18F4550 and PC. recently I tried to build my main file, then I have an error on the usb_device.c file. Error 208 operand '==' not same type, if some one could help me please! Thank you in advance. some parts of my codes on usb_device.C: (...)
As far as I am aware the PIC is not able to fully support an OS due to its architecture. Here I am talking about low range and mid range PICs like pic18F for example. Is it true that only bare metal code is written when using these microcontrollers which means that the user program runs in an infinite loop. Is it true that no operating systems are
Starting point: Power +5V (now it is taken from +24V by MC34063A output ripple 40-400mVpp). 8 Pt100 RTD channels, required range 0C - 300C. Desirable measure accuracy is not less 1C. (0.5C or 0.1C would be awesome also :) ) Objective: to build up to 8 temperature measure channels based on pic18F46K22. I have built Pt100 channel as you can
The pic18 represents the broad family of devices. Alternatives are PIC12, PIC16, PIC24, dsPIC33, PIC32 and so on. The F refines the family. Not so much for the pic18 range, but the letters can represent technology used to implement the chips, voltage and power levels etc. In general the other letters represent the specific (...)
Hi I try to make a little menu on my lcd screen to show some data and setting. I get the data from an another pic from SPI. This work well but when a try to add some data,or new line in my menu a get a stack overflow. If a check in the fonction tree in mikroc the max deep stack a have i 6 and pic18 have 31 deep stack. I link my code in (...)
Hi, I want to generate continuous 20MHz pulse using function delay_us() in ccs. I used pic18F4580 and the crystal was 10MHz with PLL. So that, I can get the clock is 40MHz. I have this code: /// 20MHz pulse #include <18F4580.h> #fuses H4,NOWDT,NOLVP,BROWNOUT,PUT,NOPBADEN #use delay(clock=40000000) void main () { while
Hi, I wrote a code to send and receive the data serially. Application is such that, controller will send the data for particular received character. and will receive the string of characters and will update the 16 segment display. Now even if string of characters is received, interrupt will occur for every character received in string. I (...)
What type of timer? I am talking for interrupts. Interupt is Hardware flags, when an Hardware signal has make an event or overfloat, that rice a Hardware flag bit. that the ISR read, and when it read this flag it will run the ISR.
where to connect the usb rfid reader to pic18f4550? to the Rx and Tx pins or to the d- and d+ pins?