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You apparently want to use the mouse in ps2 mode. Read about ps2 protocol and how mouse data is coded therein. Many internet resources available.
Hello!! Everyone I am using Saleae Logic Analyzer to capture signals from the ps2 Keypad, and it works perfectly. But i want to save these signals for future analysis, so i saw export option in which we can export data in MATLAB. Channel-0 is connected to Clock and Channel-1 is connected to Data Pin of ps2 Keyboard. (...)
STC8051+AVR+atmega Professional Kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix LED, color dot matrix LCD, SD slot, ps2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC Microcontroller performance. Please see the details in t
I wasn't very careful in looking at the code (small phone screen). First of all you don't show what is in mouse. From the ports I'm assuming xm and ym are positional values of some sort, btnm is that a button signal? I'm assuming ps2d/c is one end of the cable going to the other end of the ps2 cable. The problem with the entity being called (...)
have a look at I think you need to use digital IO pins and do you own software to drive the clock and data using timer interrupts
My final year project involves interfacing two ps2 keyboards to a digilent spartan3e xc3s500e board,the keys pressed are to be displayed on a pmod ssd that would be attached to the board,need vhdl codes for the keyboard interface and the 7 segment display,assistance neeeded..
Assign an array of char, with the all values you want, and read it with the keyvalue as index. This will work as a lookup table.
i am interfacing ps2 key board in arm lpc1768, the ps2 supply voltage is 5v but lpc1768 is 3.3v how can i connect the interrupt and data pins in lpc1768 should i use any resistor.thank you regards,
we are belongs to india. can any body here to give some advice how to start business in endia. but i dont want to develop own product. our skill set: IIC, SPI, CAN, 1ware, ps2, CAN, Flexray, RS232, RS485, MUDBUS, Microcontroller. we are having Knowledge on Both H/W and S/W developmet and manufacturing.. Pls Guide me thank you
i want ps2 key board function i keil c i am using arm lpc1768 kindly help how to get the key values and print in lcd are serial port
Hello, I need to make a homemade ps2 keyboard using a microcontroller and a matrix keyboard (many little switches connected in a matrix. The micro will scan the matrix and output the appropriate data on the ps2 Has anyone already done this, any such projects on the internet? I cannot find any.
Hi; MikroC for PIC has a ps2 and also an LCD library too: and there is my ps2 simulator library for Proteus (with example projects), while this is just for a PIC16 (for now) and in mikroC, not in MPLAB, sorry. But you can use the free compiler too.
Need some help. I am trying to emulate ps2 keyboard protocol. I am using open-drain pins with external pull ups to drive clock and data lines. Since the ports are open drain, when I write '1', they can become inputs. I need a way to check when the host(PC) tries to send data to the device(keyboard). The host drives the clk low for ~100usecs, the
Google on "verilog ps2 keyboard" gives some useful info, such as: and the moral of the story is, google is your friend. and don't tell me you want to use VHDL, because if so,
i doing project using ps2 controller, but i having big problem in programming......can anyone help me please....example like if a button of ps2 controller pressed and the pic output example like RB0 = 1;
I've bought several USB mice that come with a USB-ps2 adaptor. Where you could buy such a thing I do not know, mostly they get thrown out. Probably some PC repair place has a box full of such odds and ends.
Some serial protocols need reading and writing on same data lines, like ps2 protocol. Let's say device1 is sending data to device2. But device2 can pull the line low and make a request. In this case, how does device1(a microcontroller) read the data lines. Let's say data is being written by Microcontroller on Port P0.1, (...)
If you have Proteus installed and familiar with the simple PIC16s too, then: - here are two well working projects, using MikroC PRO for PIC (with and without my ps2 Keyboard Simulator library !!). The link (uploaded by me, I am 'Istvan K' on LibStock :wink:):
1 - Yes it is possible, the mouse and keyboard does it, but might take a bit of software on the PC side; 2 - ps2 uses 3 wires, basically (DATA, CLOCK, GND), with a 4th wire for powering the device itself, which you don't need with an external power supply; 3 - a keyboard/mouse is usually reset at pc startup, you need to implement this in you desi
hers is the code for keypad and ps2 keyboard