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Hi, I have designed a four element MIMO patch antenna systems, and i have used sma connector with wave port to excite the each antenna. Can anyone suggest me how can i terminate other waveports with 50 ohm impedence while other waveports are excited.
[ You were probably looking at a simulation using a terminal port. My preference is to use a modal port with dimensions that resemble the particular feed line. Look at the on line documentation for more details and information. Regards, Azulykit
Hi, I have a similar antenna to the one in this hfss design and I know that there is one or more mistakes inside because it doesn't give me the right radiation and gain results . For exemple. I think that I should have a positive gain and more logical S11 results but now from this design, (...)
Hi All, I have seen many posts asking for sma model for HFSS. Sometimes, feed line interacts with sma connector and including this in simulations help matching measured and simulated responses. I have practically done this and the simplified version of (...)
You could make a coax cable using cylinders and define the inside dielectric as the wave port surface. Then normalize the waveport to 50 ohms and you should be able to match your sma.
133781 As the above figure shows, a sma connector to a UFL connector. I need to add some additional wire between it, as shown in the bellowing figure. 133782 So I have to cut off the wires, and find the conductor inside the wire, and then connect the additional wire to the connector.
i believe PIC18LF45K50 is bit updated form and 18LF14K50 smaller package with usb
Hello Everyone, Vidarf is an RF connector and RF cable assembly manufacturer. We have a full range of quality Radio Frequency (RF) connectors like sma, TNC, BNC, QMA, SMB, MCX and more. If you have any query please
Start playing PIC + Proteus. It is most popular solution to start. Then take a STM8/STM32 and feel the power of ARM )))
Hi I'm simulating a two layer PCB layout in ADS, which has an sma connector to a coplanar transmission line. The figure shows how the ports are connected to the sma connector. For simulation purpose I've removed the PTH VIA from the signal feed. In the EM setup the port P1 is made + and P4 is made - . Is this the (...)
a) How can I generate an external 150MHz differential clock signal? For sure this has to be done off chip. b) There are two sma user clock connectors on the board. Are these what I'm searching for? How do they work? I think so, I don't use the ML605. Right now I am looking into the ug534.pdf, and as per Pg.31, I thin
Almost every manufacturer manufactures sma connectors for PCBs.There is no difficulty at all to mount or solder them. Read a bit their catalogues and application notes.
Hi, I have a problem with my simulation in CST where I have a rectangular cavity with a simple sma opening as a set of coaxial cylinders with dimensions I have checked to make 50 Ohms. I intend to simulate the resonance of EM waves entering the cavity and I calculated the dimensions of the cavity to fit resonance of around 2 GHz, but when (...)
Hello all, Please let me know the Dimensions and Procedure to Model K Type/2.92mm Female Connector in HFSS I Know about sma...but have no idea about 2.92mm Connector, Dielectric to be used and its dimensions etc. Please help.
Any one designed and simulated sma connector. If any one designed please send their model i will be thankful to them.
Hi Guys, I want to make an end loaded dipole antenna using a semi rigid coax cable. The antenna should operate at 5.8 GHz. I have the cable with sma connector attached to it and am looking at how the cable may be converted into an antenna.
you will need some sort of connector at the end to connect to network analyzer and that will induce losses. the only way is do TRL calibration to subtract the losses from the system so you will only measure the TL line.
its easy if you can import the sma connector design from other softwares. some websites in the internet giving drawing of body phantom and etc for free. you can look it up in the internet for sma. its not easy to draw a shape in CST. you need alot of experience and time to accurately model (...)
Hi, I have a tiny electronic circuit (RF active antenna with fitted sma connectors) and I want to enclose it in molten plastic or other resign, so that I can create a short of "rubber duck" antenna. The major concern is the sma connector, which is fitted in molten plastic in commercial rubber duck antennas. This allows the (...)
Hi! I am currently designing a dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) with a fixed 4GHz frequency. I acquired some dielectric resonators and fashioned a cca. 50ohm microstrip line with 2 sma connectors on its ends. I plugged the connectors into a vector network analyzer and placed a dielectric resonator (...)