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Hi, I have designed a four element MIMO patch antenna systems, and i have used sma connector with wave port to excite the each antenna. Can anyone suggest me how can i terminate other waveports with 50 ohm impedence while other waveports are excited.
[ You were probably looking at a simulation using a terminal port. My preference is to use a modal port with dimensions that resemble the particular feed line. Look at the on line documentation for more details and information. Regards, Azulykit
Hi, I have a similar antenna to the one in this hfss design and I know that there is one or more mistakes inside because it doesn't give me the right radiation and gain results . For exemple. I think that I should have a positive gain and more logical S11 results but now from this design, (...)
Hi All, I have seen many posts asking for sma model for HFSS. Sometimes, feed line interacts with sma connector and including this in simulations help matching measured and simulated responses. I have practically done this and the simplified version of (...)
You could make a coax cable using cylinders and define the inside dielectric as the wave port surface. Then normalize the waveport to 50 ohms and you should be able to match your sma.
133781 As the above figure shows, a sma connector to a UFL connector. I need to add some additional wire between it, as shown in the bellowing figure. 133782 So I have to cut off the wires, and find the conductor inside the wire, and then connect the additional wire to the connector.
i believe PIC18LF45K50 is bit updated form and 18LF14K50 smaller package with usb
Hello Everyone, Vidarf is an RF connector and RF cable assembly manufacturer. We have a full range of quality Radio Frequency (RF) connectors like sma, TNC, BNC, QMA, SMB, MCX and more. If you have any query please
Start playing PIC + Proteus. It is most popular solution to start. Then take a STM8/STM32 and feel the power of ARM )))
Hi I'm simulating a two layer PCB layout in ADS, which has an sma connector to a coplanar transmission line. The figure shows how the ports are connected to the sma connector. For simulation purpose I've removed the PTH VIA from the signal feed. In the EM setup the port P1 is made + and P4 is made - . Is this the (...)
a) How can I generate an external 150MHz differential clock signal? For sure this has to be done off chip. b) There are two sma user clock connectors on the board. Are these what I'm searching for? How do they work? I think so, I don't use the ML605. Right now I am looking into the ug534.pdf, and as per Pg.31, I thin
Almost every manufacturer manufactures sma connectors for PCBs.There is no difficulty at all to mount or solder them. Read a bit their catalogues and application notes.
Hi, I have a problem with my simulation in CST where I have a rectangular cavity with a simple sma opening as a set of coaxial cylinders with dimensions I have checked to make 50 Ohms. I intend to simulate the resonance of EM waves entering the cavity and I calculated the dimensions of the cavity to fit resonance of around 2 GHz, but when (...)
Hello all, Please let me know the Dimensions and Procedure to Model K Type/2.92mm Female Connector in HFSS I Know about sma...but have no idea about 2.92mm Connector, Dielectric to be used and its dimensions etc. Please help.
Any one designed and simulated sma connector. If any one designed please send their model i will be thankful to them.
Hi Guys, I want to make an end loaded dipole antenna using a semi rigid coax cable. The antenna should operate at 5.8 GHz. I have the cable with sma connector attached to it and am looking at how the cable may be converted into an antenna.
you will need some sort of connector at the end to connect to network analyzer and that will induce losses. the only way is do TRL calibration to subtract the losses from the system so you will only measure the TL line.
its easy if you can import the sma connector design from other softwares. some websites in the internet giving drawing of body phantom and etc for free. you can look it up in the internet for sma. its not easy to draw a shape in CST. you need alot of experience and time to accurately model (...)
Hi, I have a tiny electronic circuit (RF active antenna with fitted sma connectors) and I want to enclose it in molten plastic or other resign, so that I can create a short of "rubber duck" antenna. The major concern is the sma connector, which is fitted in molten plastic in commercial rubber duck antennas. This allows the (...)
Hi! I am currently designing a dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) with a fixed 4GHz frequency. I acquired some dielectric resonators and fashioned a cca. 50ohm microstrip line with 2 sma connectors on its ends. I plugged the connectors into a vector network analyzer and placed a dielectric resonator (...)
You are likely describing Reversed Polarity sma - part modem has external thread and pin, part on antenna - nut and socket. This is common practice connecting antenna. More here:
Hi All, For measurements on a dual-band 2.4/5GHz WiFi antenna (printed IFA), we guess there are somewhat leakage current on the outer conductor of test cable connecting to the antenna under test. Could you please recommend some parts like ferrite and balun module (two ports) with sma connectors? Thank you (...)
The component footprint for this is 5 pads and a square surrounding them. It's not hard to do, find the datasheet for the correct dimensions and learn to use your pcb packages so that you can make your own footprints. Its simple, honest. If you really, really, really struggle to make a footprint that only has 5 (...)
Not clear which connector mount is meaned with this picture. As far as I understand, you have been initially asking for a straight PCB jack with SMT center pin and through-plated ground. The type is available from various manufacturers, e.g.
Hello Guys, I want to use Slot antenna for an application. i am facing some issues. I will be thankful if i can get useful feedback from you guys before actully send design to manufacturers. 1- antenna was cut from the ground plane on one side of FR-4 sub and another side is feeding network. What kind of sma connector i (...)
The placement and routing seems fine, although I could recomend keep away components from screw's holes, not only to avoid the possibility of the screwdriver hit them, but also to extend the path of the ground plane. In addition, there are obviously other minor aesthetic aspects, as designators with size and different (...)
You need a 3.7mm trace for 50 ohms? What's your dielectric, wood? I think you need to go back and recalculate something.
Hi, Have a question, in my spectrum analyzer I have a high pass mixer coupled with 3db attenuators on each port: RF-in, LO and IF-out. The analyzer shows a level dip of about 2.5db on the entire range (6-20ghz) of this mixer, it probably needs calibration but wanted to fix it by "hardware". My question is, Is it safe to replace the 3db at
LOL nice one :lol: On a more serious note.... You have a switch mode power supply, within that supply you have high dI/dt switching loops. Work out where these loops are and lay the components out to make these as small as possible. Look at the SMPS controller data sheet to start of with. If you require more information then we may need (...)
i hope this will help you understand the transition from coax to CPW. that looks like a good book!
Hello everybody, I have etched a bowtie antenna for 1900 - 2000 MHz on RT Duriod PCB with DK = 2.94. The PCB is double sided, the back will be used as a ground plane and the other is the antenna. I have a question on how to solder on the PCB mount sma to the antenna. I have searched online and i (...)
i have no idea about the desiging of sma connector in cst.i have designed water densa dielectric patch antenna now have to connect sma connector on it but i am not getting an help inn cst
Thanks for your comments. There are so many sma connector. in fact i need sme kinfd of practical advise and specific kind of sma. like end launch or simple straight? thanks it really depends on your requirements. There's no way anybody here can tell YOU what YOU need. I don't understand (...)
Hi All, I am having a SIM900 module. I was trying to communicate it with and display the response in LCD. But somehow I was having some issues of getting LCD working all the time. In the mean time I connected the USB of the
Dear colleagues Please pardon me for a lack of education, but I can not figure out how to realize a tapered transition between completely different coplanar waveguide circuits with different input impedances. Specifically, I have a ~40 Ohm CPW input on high-ε ceramic substrate (ε>10). and a 50Ohm coax connector (sma or K) (...)
1. The color is similar to gold (yellower and less red then pure copper). With that said, it doesn't mean that a Beryllium Copper contacts can't be plated with gold (or other types of plating). Regarding toxicity - A lot of materials that are used in electronics are considered a "health hazard". I'm no expert, but this seems more relevant to the pe
1) Is this 50-Ohm cable really usefull for my application? It's a valid option. You also find PCIe test boards connecting 100 ohm differential pairs through two sma connectors. What Pin-assingment scheme I should use? Always 2 neighboring wires for 1 LVDS pair and then one wire free connected to GND? I don't think
Hi All. My want to add GSM Internal and external Antenna switching in my project. I'll use GSM Module with Antenova A10340 Internal Chip Antenna and External sma Antenna connector. I want to implement a circuit so user can choose either internal or external antenna option. Can anyone advise how to (...)
i am new in RF design.I want to know what is the meaning of Pads around a whole in Altium Designer. Secondly I want to know how to find what sma connector i should use to mount a radius=0.49 mm co-axial cable with outer shell radius=2.3 mm.and how to make my own blue print for sma in Altium using drawing. I tried to (...)
Hi everyone I am using AWR MWO 10 and I have to connect sma connector for the LNA I have designed in AWR. I would appreciate if anyone can help me doing this. I have done some google search, But the results I found were mostly for version 11 of the software which has 3d Editor. So please help me :-)
As you see in the picture I am using a simple patch, then a lamda/4 transformer, and a micro strip line to the edge of the board where the sma connector would be ( theoretical ) later on. Two comments: 1. Have you looked at the middle section in my post #2 above, where I mentioned possible issue with ports on pol
what is use of sma connector? I saw most of the RF circuit and signal related circuit having such connector's. We also can use wire or not?
hellow i want to use a connector like sma or smp that must be normal to my microstripline. if for example i can use a ready connector for my project, like p-e-4-4-4-8-1; the land pattern that was suitable at 4ghz, is different in compare to one's at 14ghz. how can i guess the true land pattern? (...)
The output of the power detector is a DC signal and uses the RF connector only for convenience. There are effectively no requirements, except for fixing the sma connector correctly. If you place a cable between the detector and your board, the PCB side may also use a different (probably coaxial) connector.
I am looking for omnidirectional 868 MHz antenna that comes with tilt option and has reverse sma connector. It seems there are only two options to choose from: W1063 and ANT-868-CW-HWR-RPS. The first is made by well-respected manufacturer, but it seems to be designed to be primarily used with 900 MHz (...)
Hi, Have you followed the L298 datasheet ? Pins 10 and 12 are Inputs ...? How have you got the Enabled pins connected ? Showing your circuit might help.
Sir, What are the leading RF and Microwave capacitors, resistors, and inductors, sma connectors electronic component distributors in India other than ELEMENT14 and DIGIKEY distributors. If you know anybody which are the best electronic components distributors (...)
I purchased a new crimping tool for crimping sma connectors to RG-174/U cable. The tool can crimp to various other coaxial connectors (BNC, F, N TNC), and I've noticed that while the slot I use for crimping RG-174/U cable is hexagonal all the way through, the two larger slots are hexagonal most of the way, but at one end they become round. (...)
Hello guys, I am very new to antenna fabrication. I am trying to fabricate a X-Band patch antenna (8.4 GHz), and I have two questions for you guys. 1. Which vendor to use for fabrication of the antenna 2. Which coaxial probe sma connector I should use (the diameter of the via for probe pin is (...)
hi everybody, when i connect just ipex-sma cable (with gsm antenna or not. it doesnt matter) to gsm antenna connector of sim908c after a few seconds it powers down. if i take out sim card when ipex-sma cable connected it works fine or if i insert sim card and take out ipex-sma cable it works fine. i (...)