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What is Target Utilization & Effective Utlization in soc Encounter?. Can anyone explain briefly?. TU is an estimation of module utilization for the given size of the module where only standard cell and hard macro areas are considered; floorplan constraints, such as placement blockages, (...)
Synopsys used to use primepower for this, but they have migrated this functionality to primetime-px. You can use either of these assuming your liberty data contains power information. If it doesn't you should be able to find a nA/kGates number for the process you are in, and estimate from there. If in stead of soc ( Sy
Hi, Can anyone pass me on the information regarding data preparation using soc Encounter. Data preparation like die size estimation, netlist checks, library sanity checks, noise library generation for SI, power views generation for power analysis, and extraction views. What is the flow followed. What are the inputs (...)
To measure the power of design, there are two methos: 1. estimation / Statistical methos ( Pwer compiler from $ynop$ys or the menu from soc-Encounter with this method name). In this method you provide the probabilty and rate of input pins toggle ( i.e. switch activity) and the tools (...)