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In my case I would need a 100 ua meter to read 5000 RPM since my plug fires twice as much as most engines. The schematic shows a potentiometer in series with the meter. By running the engine at some known rate, and then adjusting meter travel to match, that ought to be sufficient to calibrate your tachometer.
Well that makes sense. Someone once told me a small coil of wire in parallel to the spark plug wire would be enough. I imagine then a 5v zener diode and an RC in parallel?
I am using a pic16f877a, an EM-506 GPS module, and a 16x2 LCD to display the Speed Over Ground and using Timer 0 as the timer and Timer 1 as a counter to display RPM's. I can get the RPM's and speed to display individually but not at the same time. For the tachometer, I set the pre-scalar to 0x07 to create (...)
i'am doing tachometer using microcontroller AT89s52 in this i'am using sensor to detect the pulses of motor and i want display the speed in lcd that is for below 100 rpm i want to display two decimal point and below 1000 rpm i have to display one decimal point and above 1000 rpm their won't be any decimal point please some (...)
Please, post a schematic, maybe hand-drawn or just the connection between PIC and fan with associated voltages.
Hi, I want to measure wind speed using a simple fan and IR sensor.The output of IR sensor is 0 and 5V.I used a slit having 20 wholes in it.I have programmed in mikroC. When I rotate the fan with hand sped changes but at rest speed is constant which is 53 m/s. I thing there is some thing missing.Kindly help me in this.
Good, the electronics part seems to work. I think the software needs looking at though. You may have to live with the fact that multiplexing the display and measuring RPM are mutually exclusive. You may only be able to do one or the other, especially when you have delay routines to slow the display multiplexing, at best you will get some flicker
Hi everybody, I builded an old Digital tachometer with LED bar ( ) thanks to a few members from this forum (they posted schematic and soure code, ), so maybe someone can help me to rebuild source code to display the time instead of RPM. For exa
Without details it is impossible to answer your question. Some tachometers use an induction coil and a magnet on the wheel, others use IR sensors to trigger tachometer circuit. The common in most tachometers is that their sensors generate pulses, some once per wheel revolution, others many pulses per revolution. You can buy (...)
Hello.... I want to make project on tachometer using IR leds with AT89S51. I want to know how to program time/counter to take measurement in RPM and how do I display on 16x2 LCD and how to convert pulses in RPM...what is the formula for it??? I m programming microcontroller in Assembly 99 000 R
hi, i have a project that needs to detect the speed of a vehicle and once the vehicle exceeds a certain speed (ex. 30kph) a gsm module will send a message to someone. can you please give me an advice to what microcontroller and sensor to use? thank you in advance.
IKA-TACH Contactless tachometer project is based on an ATMEGA48 AVR micro controller, and is able to measure very high RPMs, as well as very low ones. It is based on an IR (Infra Red) opto-couple to detect shaft rotation. A tachometer is a device used to measure the number of revolutions per minute of a
So its a petrol fired tractor with sparking plugs then? I would open up the tacho and trace out what the switch does. It probablely changes the time period of a timer, so replacing a resistor would change its calibrations. I do not believe for your application a frequency doubler will work as you are dealing with a 20 micro second pulse which varie
A tachometer on my boat got fried when I was cruising. I saw two 'blow ups' one after the other and I observed smoke. Attached are some photos of the schematic. I tried to look for the schematic but it was in vain. I managed to get the values of the two capacitors; 015J400 and 47uF polarised. However the power resistor was totally (...)
I need to run a computer fan to create airflow for a smale scale charcoal burner. It needs to be battery powered so that I can use it in the garden. I have bought: This 12 V fan: This battery:
Did you check the power supplies and the 20 MHz clock ? Did you also check if the pulses coming from the photodiod section are OK ? Are you sure the code of the PIC is correct ?
I'm building this circuit "LED Strobe & tachometer" so it uses a microcontroller (PIC16F88-I/P) and I have the HEX code, but for some reason I don't know the code won't be verified when installed on the chip (neither can be read), and here is the code (LED Strobe Folder) : ANY
hi dears. I'm a bit new in Electronic, and now want to make a tachometer. I designed protection and supply circuit according to CS8190 datasheet and another tachometer's PCB. I've produced the 8.9v DC voltage for pin8 of CS8190 and a square wave to pin3. but now I can't see any thing in (...)
Try IKA Tach with ATMega48, you have all complete source, PCB, and circuit:
There is really no need to incorporate a 555 timer into the design. Most microcontrollers, including PICs, can easily generate a pulse train or PWM and most tachometer designs do not require such signal to be an effective design. Typically tachometer designs utilize an IR sensor coupled by an IR source with the signal from the sensor (...)
can u post the full code and can please elaborate actually what are you doing......
What is hidden inside that rar, and what is relation of that rar with your question ? See this projects:
500 rpm == 120 ms per cycle 2500rpm== 24 ms per cycle i think it's just enough one magnet but you must check the reed switch specifications about this times, it should be at least then times faster (response time of 1 or 2 ms) (i would go to the optic way to get rid of this issue ) the almost exact way is to setup a
Hi, I have this project where I have to design a tachometer using VHDL. The thing is I m pretty new to the field of electronic projects and I m very new to VHDL. The project asks me to count the Rotations/per Minute from a motor. It has to be in the range 19-98 RPM, the measurement time is 1.1s, and the display resolution is 0.1 . (...)
The following thread discusses implementation of a PIC based tachometer using various sensors in great detail: some questions motor speed monitoring I would suggest reviewing the thread and posting any further questions you may have concerning the implementation of your tachometer. BigDog
Hi, this is the my first time posting here, but I'm in a hurry and I don't know anyone who can help me. If this isn't the correct board to post this, I ask the moderators to move the right one. I'm a Brazilian college student, and I'm trying to build a tachometer and a speedometer for a vehicle with LM2917N 14pin (...)
I haven't got the same compiler so I can't simulate but the basic method I use is like this: Start with OldRpm = 0 and accept it may not show the very first reading correctly, store the measured RPM in NewRpm. 1. show the first RPM reading, 2. calculate abs(OldRpm - NewRPM) 3. if the result is > 50 display it, otherwise skip the display routine,
I am building a tachometer on IR base. The schematic is ready. But how can I simulate a tachometer (signal). I read something about placing a "Digital Probe"?? But how does one do this?? Also I am writing the code in MicroC. Now I am using a 20 MHz crystal and trying to get every interrupt action over a RS232 to a PC. This to show the (...)
if you are still trouble in hall effect sensor try tachometer speed measuring idea. if you are interested to control speed from measured data, go through following link PWM Motor Speed Control Uses AC tachometer Feedback you
How does it attach to the male connector, friction, screw lock, keyed? I can't tell from the photo. I may be able to help you, if you can get a better closeup or description. ---------- Post added at 04:26 ---------- Previous post was at 04:08 ---------- Looks like it might be an Amphenol, but I can'
Hi everyone. I'm trying to determine the frequency of a incoming signal at roughly 7KHz. This signal is correctly identified using a scope and is at correct logic levels. I am using the 16bit tachometer digital block which adds a second interrupt. It is basically a 16 bit timer with the added interrupt. I have a 1MHz input clock which should g
Have you seen this ? It shows up in a Google search with other interesting links under "turbojet control electronics".
i urgently need to make a microcontroller based contactless tachometer but m getting lots of circuit. can nebody help me with a circuit that is well tested? I just cant understand one thing. Why most of Indian members ask for tested and full projects? You may be an exception. Just try one of the circuit you have and post
Everything about How to Designing and Construction of A Low Cost Digital RPM Meter. step by step tutorial, very important project for university students. see this >>
I have chosen to work on a small project - a DC motor controller - with the objective of building a tachometer with a PIC MCU. But I have never designed with a DC motor before, and so I have no idea what the current (milliamps) and voltage that they can handle (max and normal operation). Can someone help? (...)
Hello Everyone I am currently building a vibrational component for a project of mine. Here is what im trying to do and hopefully you guys will be able to help me out. I am trying to build a circuit in which a small DC electric motor is being powered by 2 AA batteries. I want this motor to vibrate at 3 different frequencies and i would li
Hello everyone, I am having real trouble figuring out what to knowledge on circuit diagram reading and functionality is very very limited, but i have been working reallll hard to learn all i can...I am trying to put LEDs in my instrument cluster in my car, only on the tachometer. I want to use bi-color LEDs that light up, but when the
1.What would be the possible sensor/device that could be used to detect the wheel's alteration in position? How can the input of the wheel's movement be caught with the device inside the seat? You can sense the rotation of the wheel by putting a small magnes on the wheel and a Hall effect sensor on the frame. tachometer in the b
Hai Anybody Got Experienced with LM2917 as tachometer.. DataSheet Seems to be very Poor... and i want to use 14 pin LM2197 (pulsed DC input)... if anybody has experience in this, please share circuit diagram for 14 pin LM2917....
Hi every body ! i have a project with 8051 . I want to design a tachometer . Many people use pic or avr but with me , i'm a newbie so i start learning MC with 89s52 and use assembly for programing . Program button and lcd is so so ! But i have trouble with counter in 8051 . Please show me how to count pulses in 1s -> pulses in 60s
I have to monitor current, voltage and rpm readings from a control panel using their analog panel meters present on the site. The panel meters has 0-200 VDC, 0-250 VAC, 0-60A and a tachometer. Any idea on how to interface it onto a processor to display those reading for monitoring? External Circuit needed? Regards to all..
I can certainly help you provide you a working project as per your requirement with complete description and codes with PCB layouts in case you are ready to pay for it. Cheers
Ok this is your project so you start working on it and then ask questions if you have an issue that you cannot solve.
I want to build a circuit that will pick-up induction from a pulse generated by an engine sparkplug and create a nice digital signal from it.. Any help will be apreciated !
Use a digital Probe in your simulation and adjust the frequency of the probe comparable to your engine speed. Good luck.
Ive been looking into building a led tacho for a car for some time using this circuit diagram: Im sure it would work, but i really would like to see it working in multisim first. this is my first time using multisim. I started building the circuit and you can see what ive done so far here: http
For building tachometer you'll need microcontroller. and don't rely on Proteus it's horrible...and very far from actual results.
Hi Found some stuff here: What you need is: * speed to frequency converter. That is a wheel with holes in, and a optocoupler tht react on those holes. I don't know what it is called. * To know how far the weicle has moved pr cycle. If you plan to use plain logic gate and counters, it'l
please specify your spec like i/p and o/p ratings darla thanks darla1, I need input 12vdc, output 220vac 1000va 50Hz ups with battery charging system. I hope you will help me. javed Added after 3 minutes: Here is a Schematic of a APC UPS which uses 3524