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if you have a path where two registers use the same clock enable that is a periodic clock enable, then you know that the setup and hold time can be much longer for these registers as they really only get updated once every N clocks.
I am simulating in terahertz (THz) range which source resistance is high (>10 Kohms), I want to obtain S-parameters and input impedance but i saw that in some frequencies the amount of S-parameters are larger than 0 dB and real part of input impedance is also negative. i think they are (...)
enable Watchdog time and reset it periodically. That’s enough. If u want u can set some value so that it decides the reset time gap. If u need more detail let us know some more detail abt ur setup and configuration (...)
Consider a simple CPU .82930 Here, REGFILE write is sequential, so it has to accomodate setup and Hold time requirements: data on WD and WE(write enable) has to be valid Tsetup time before valid clock (...)
if you know the definition you know the use... i think you know that setup and hold time is the period on both side of active clock edge where input should be stable... practical use of it is that... if your data is not stable at clock edge route clock such a way that it reaches ff or register when (...)
In Latches we will check the setup and hold time.You can check the sta user guide.
Latch. It is because latch is level sensitive. Meaning, as long as latch enable is active, any signal at input port will be captured at the output port. Unlike Flip flop, it is an edge sensitive or edge trigger. The output port will capture the input signal at edge trigger and it needs to pass the (...)
Hi heligb, STA tool use timing borrow automaticly handle this.
But if i remove enable, than setup control inputs. Wait for max transition and setup time, and than set enable high?