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I hope you get the basics right. Get to know how usb works and then you will get an idea on how to interface.Go to or wikipedia and understand usb2.0 operation. It will help you understand things better.
what error did you get while programming mega16? Nandhu
I think you could use the v-usb (formerly avr-usb) its very easy (if you work easily with avr-gcc) to setup an application like that. (there is an example ready to read and write the eeprom of an AVR by usb... it's also HID so you will not need even to install a driver on the computer!!!!) I think this is (...)
well the speed of usb is : low speed : 1.5Mbps full speed : 12Mbps hi speed : 480Mbps and the speed of 8051 that I know is upto 1MIPS per 12MHz how can you handle usb transfer data speed with 8051 ? may be you can use AVR atmega for (...)
Not likely, many usb modems are Winmodems and are little more than a DSP. All the work is done by the device driver and Windows. What model is it?
hi everyone, i am writing C on atmega series with Codevision and i want to try AT90usb1286 for the first time. i have been through all the documentation on I have viewed CDC and HID example codes for the device which have been provided in AVRstudio. Now the question is that does (...)
hi every body i need a usb programmer for both AVR an PIC microcontrollers can any body help?!
i'm planning to use with my notebook . I haven't LPT port and SERIAL port , i need a usb programmer because i programming the chips in place. i found this one too, but i don't know is this a good variant
Hi RollingEEE, I used Gogle and look what I was find. JURS
Atmel has an application note for usb and AVR. You can also check Google for Igor usb
I thint that an atmega with Bootloader is a very good option. To program the atmega for the first time you will need another programmer. As revolt, I suggest you ponyprog and a STK200 or STK300 that you can find at