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I want to design a 0.5-3 GHz Vivaldi or Horn UWB Antenna, The problem with horn is that its dimensions get very large- and vivaldi is a good option but most of the designs have good performance above 3 GHz and Designs are not available for lower frequency wideband operation,Could anyone help in achieving such a design?
Hello, I am trying to simulate an unit cell of an UHF Arrays using HFSS with reference to: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol 54, No.7, July 2006 -Compact Light Weight UHF Arrays Using Long slot Apertures I've drawn out the structure of the unit cell except for the balun transformer. The requirement is a wideband 4:1 (...)
it is possible. Go thr the paper, Wideband Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Applications by M.Ali,R.Dougal,G.Yang and H.S.Hwang It is available in this forum but i dont know the exact location.
its very nice of Discreption of CPW Enter See After That Please write Comment
1. Characteristics of a MM-wave tapered slot antenna with corrugated edges S. Sugawara, Y.Maita, K. Adachi, K. Mari, K. Mizuno Microwave symposium digest, 1998 2. Wideband tapered-slot antenna with corrugated edges for GPR applications V. Mikhner, P. Vainikainen Microwave conference 2003 3. Analysis of Vivaldi antennas Huang (...)
hi, mmwave i am interested in TSA (Tapered slot Antenna), generally TSA is a broadband and endfire antenna. i do not know how to feed teflon lens to get narrow beam on your antenna. how about use fresnel zone plate lens antenna or fresnel zone plate reflectarrays if your application is not wideband in Ka or (...)