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120C can burn the skin. You didn't tell us the purpose of the heater or it's location. Can it be touched by children? Are any flammable materials nearby? Can a liquid be spilled into it? Could a small animal be trapped inside?
Same animal - different writing on top! Brian.
Signal Hill animal Clinic is a veterinary clinic in Manassas, VA.Signal Hill animal Clinic, Manassas, VA offers diagnosis and care to small animals and treats them like their own pets. Signal Hill animal Clinic, Manassas, VA Signal Hill animal Clinic,
Hello, When I look at ebay I can see much availability of photoresist sheets. But dry film soldermask is a more difficult animal to find. Would it be possible to substitue regular phororesist for a solder mask - or is there something special about the polymer film in a solder mask versus a regular photoresist used for etching? Thanks! :-)
Plastic animal noise maker plus
I have an animal here, it has four legs and a head. Can you tell me what it is? No? You mean you need something like a picture?
I have a hand held dog repeller. Is it possible to amplify this signal? Can I say..., disconnect the piezo buzzer that produces the sound, and connect those wires into a small guitar amp and run that to some speakers? Thanks for your help
ok, one by one: Silkscreen is the layer which contains whatever markings you want to have on your board (like, component designators, component orientation hints, high voltage warnings, hints for troubleshooting (eg.g 'this should be at 1.23345V' ), wild african animal pictures, design revision number, website, your name, basically whatever you li
I have an AC genertaor with (3 phase 3 wire ) 50v and 18A ..I am using this to drive electrical loads, The purpose of this project is to generate energy from animal. 67325
Try to use: Sound Analysis Pro — animal Behavior
Hi everybody! I'm designing animal-ID FDX-B reader, using U2270B IC. I use single voltage power supply and diode feedback. The problem is that my tag does not responds ( I use аn oscillioscope to watch, if there is any changes on OUTPUT PIN). I see pretty good carrier signal before detector , but it doesn't change when i place my tag near
Which software would you recommend other than MATLAB for animal sound recognition? Thanks
Hello everybody, I need a real-time video or image processing software which will detect humans entering into jungle. Instead of looking for human v can make software to analyze all the animals in the jungle and if its not any animal then it has to be Human and then system should trigger alarm. Please help me to save animals and forest (...)
I wonder if it exists what is the name ?.On a serious note what kind of animals? dogs ,bears,snakes ,mice, pigeons??.ants , butterflies,Pink elephants ,blue elephants ?? I'm seeing a lot of posts where people just open themes to make points .They don't seem to have any training .And waste time theirs and ours.
I am building capacitance sensing electrodes to detect insects/small animals. The electrode shapes are mostly driven by animal/environment restraints and I need a way to estimate parasitic/residual capacitance; the ICs I use only allow so much nulling. I have gerber/dxf of the layers and can generate 3D models. Any suggestions for a way to model
One of the major limits of animal populations is food. There are not that many flowers in cities (where most of the cell towers are located) to feed the bees. There is also the greatest amount of air pollution there. Also, since the magnetic field of the earth is very constant over a few mile range, this cannot be used for precise navigation
First you'll need to determine what quality sound you need - the number of bits, and the sample rate. I've done applications where we used recorded audio for prompting in automotive entertainment applications, and 8-bit at 8HKz was adequate. I've also done appliccations for animal calls and used 12-bit at 16KHz. As to the hardware, you'll nee
Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( ) has released its handheld, low frequency FDX RFID reader (GAO222005) specially designed to track and manage animal and has been frequently used to track pets. This small sized, portable LF (134.2 KHz) reader is easy to use because of its one button operation, thus professional or non-professional a
Hello ,every one, i am designing a 134.2KHz animal RFID long range reader, i use a 25cm*25cm rectangle antenna, now the longest range is only 20cm when using a 3cm diameter tag. in the circuit,i designed a auto tuning circuit(Mearsuring the antenna current and vlotage phase,adjusting the caps array trough a MCU). Following id The antenna
I want to make a high voltage low current fence to protect my farm from animals. Any suggestion circuit for the design. I dont want to hurt the animals.
there are several robot books on edaboard ( explain everything in detail: mechanical, electronics, control, pic and body)make a search if you have problems let me know. which type of robots do you need? war, simple, intelligent.... any specific shape? car, animal...
well now you're going into high tech, I wonder for a simple circuit like an AM emetter and a kind of big coil for receiver. I know that this is working for metal objects, not sure about humans or animals! flyhigh
?Can you weigh the electricity in a cat?? I thought cats had an extra share of electricity, because of their hair-raising act. Peter disappointed me by saying electricity can?t be measured that way. It?s inside the body, but the whole animal itself is grounded. I didn?t know what that meant but I took his word for it. For the first time, I h
The animal doors usually are opened by the animal. It is just a lock that is undone. If you have to supply the power, an electric motor should work. You can use a low power one with gears so that it may take some time, but the force is enough. If you counter weight the door then it will take less force to open and shut.
In the early days the used tow halves of a pot core for inductive coupling. One was just below the animal skin. The other was held next to it on the outside of the skin. This transferred enough power to power the electronics inside the animal including the transmitter. I have heard of such methods for recharging the battery of items inside
Perl is a scripting language written in C. Allthough you can compile perl scripts. It is the language of the www. Best used for text file manipulation, sorting searching etc. You cant compare it to C or C++, it's a different animal. C is a pure programmers language best suited to embedded systems. C++ is a system language best suited to large dist
Hi i having a project and intend to do a bi-direction radio frequency control to track an animal can any advise me how to do one please. Thank you guys
There is always a 'lab-mouse' or some other poor animal. connect probes to their heads. Realistic EEG testing! Getting (to) a biomedical 'lab' would help. What we do is that if we don't have the required equipment, we go to some other lab that has that equipment, although this is not my field so i am not sure how it works in the biomedical engin
animal tracking is a general technology area. One method is to put a beacon transmitter on the animal and use a directional antenna to find the direction to the animal. Another option is to find out what your cat likes to eat and offer it some at the end of the day. The cat will come back to you all by its own decision.
I am looking a tag and base station (RFID) to detect the moving animal. So far, I have study some information at ATMEL web site. Some RFID transponder is for immobilizer function. Is there have any cheap tag with complete solution and can detect moving object? I only need to ping and get response from the tag. Please recommend for me.
PIR or Passive IR is used for detecting chang in IR energy which normally are living things i.e. human or animal. But if you want to detect some other thing that not radiate IR energy you have to use Active IR which is compose of IR sender and receiver like the one used in TV remote controll.
Hi there, Anyone know any books on electromagnetic, How to read the strength of the signal and how the electromagnetic signal field change when animal across it ? Thanks
Hi I've never seen a VNA in real life but I've read about the animal Start with an open circuit. and measure S11. At lenght l from the opencircuit the impedance will be Zoc=-j*R0*cot(beta*l). The impedance at length l from the open circuit is S11 corresponds to a certain impedance S11_oc=Zoc-Z0/(Zoc+Z0), solve for Zoc. replace the openci
Hi I am looking for a schematic for a timer that can start twice a day (every 12 hrs) and be on for 10 seconds. It will work like a animal feeder so it does not need to be that exact. I guess I can use two timers built around a 555 one sets on every 12 hours and starts the other one. But perhaps some know of any design either using PIC or anythi
what about a usb port monitor? be there such an animal?
Hi. Anybody knows about RFID for livestock identification? How this is done ? (animal traceability) What equipment is used? Which is the best tag used for cows? Thanks.