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Hi All, I'm working on ungrounded CPW structure. I've been through all previous post about CPW , how to feed it and ansoft tutorials,and I designed a cpw antenna with SMA. From Antenna_kit released by ansoft I realized that the length of the coax should be Lambda/6. So I simulated my CPW with 4 different feeding, 1.SMA with Lambda/6 length, (...)
Dear, I'm a beginner in hfss ansoft. I want to design rectangular and circular waveguides, Please let me know how to assign different modes eg TE10, HE01 etc And how can i display electric and magnetic fields together on waveguide ? And what should be the length for fundamental modes in both Rectangular and circular wav
Hi everybody Ive tried to download the cited document (and 2 more tutorials on ports) from ansofts ftp ots site but seems to be down. Does anyone have it?? Or any place where i can download from?? T.I.A. Iban
hi can anyone help for simulating rf mems cpw shunt switch in ansoft hfss for obtaining S-parameters. or anyone can u plz post ur project file for rf switch or any tutorials on the same?
Why do you need ansoft desiger for wavequide slot antenna? ansoft designer is a planar EM simulator, not realy a 3-D tool. I have seen quite a few tutorials for hfss, which you have mentioned and I presume you have access to it, but nothing what you need. Maybe there is a tutorial for another 3D simulator, like CST or (...)
You can see the tutorials on em: talk - Electromagnetics and Microwave Engineering , this has very nice tutorials on designing structures in hfss/ansoft designer. A small tip: For designing microstrip patch antennas, first you need to know on what substrate are you planning to use. Because the guided wavelength, the ch
Start with the tutorials. You can download them from the ansoft homepage (need your login) or find them here in the Forum (use the search function). It will take you a few days but them you will be able to handle hfss.
hi can anyone help for simulating rf mems shunt switch in ansoft hfss for obtaining S-parameters. or anyone can u plz post ur project file for rf switch or any tutorials on the same? its very urgent.
You can get the hfss software from the ansoft company and the tutorials required for this is being attached with my reply. THANKS SIR CAN U PROVIDE ME SOURCE FROM WHERE I CAN GET hfss SOFTWARE
go through the ansoft's web page,& then tutorials,there u found some tutorials abt hfss....& further any query reply here :D
hi every body, i need tutorails (pdf, html...) for QFH antenna modeling with ansoft hfss; i have some difficulties to add a helix in the 3Dmodeler; thank u at
Hi, all I’m interested to learn quite well the ansoft Designer and ansoft hfss. My problem is that I cannot find any tutorials step-by-step so I can learn both of the brilliant software tools very-very good. Another problem which I have got is that my company does not provide training or to request training with these (...)
I wonder whether ansoft designer is used for antenna simulation. I heard it is only for circuit simulation.
hfss can be used for full arrays if needed. of course complexity of the array will dictate whether the problem requires more computing power than whats available to you. however this question is so open ended. search for hfss tutorials, start with the ansoft web site, register so on...
Hello.I must design microstrip antenna.Even I have found some tutorials for ansoft hfss and also files for this (for ansoft hfss).But the problem is that all files are for version 10 but I have only 9.2 and i have seen in the internet links to version 11. Can anyone help me and give links to (...)
wouldnt you be better of getting ansoft designer you can download the student version online and there is lots of tutorials on this webpage for that just look Added after 3 minutes: here is a link lots of information on there ab
hai, i'm new to ansoft .could anyone give tutorials of ansoft designer sv. want to design patch antenna. thanks in advance harshini.
hello indeeseye u can go to ansoft's websote for tutorials
hai jeff, you can use the tutorials from the following link. These are meant for version 9 .but still these will be helpfull for beginners like us.