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i am planning to design a VSAT antenna.... i managed to make a horn just need to add a reflector in front of this....Please can anyone describe me the geometry of Paraboic shape in CST? or what kind of extrude curve i have to use....this must be a great help for my personal projects. only the physical reflector design i am (...)
hi antenna experts. i designed a Reflectarray unit cell with proper phase shift in CST. i used unit cells in array and fed it by a horn antenna. the solution type is integral equation. now i want to know how can i gain the phase of each element(phase of fields or reflection phase ) after feeding (...)
Hi all. I'm working on Reflectarray. i have designed my unit cell by CST. after designing the unit cell i placed the cells in array form and excite it with a horn antenna. now, each element have it's own phase in re radiating field. so we should know the element phases to compensate them to make all elements radiate in (...)
I have a horn antenna working at 144GHz with A=12mm and B=14mm. Then I'll illuminate a satellite dish of 57cm diameter with this antenna, with the feed located at the focal point of the parabola. I have the radiation pattern of the horn, made with MATLAB. The goal is to know the beam (...)
125997 Any one help me to design Fresnel zone plate antenna in HFSS. The design has two elements. (1) A plate having circular rings of different radii. It can be made by printed technology on RT/duroid 5880. and (2) horn antenna as a feed. My doubt is how can I simulate this complete design (...)
hi aswin, link below might help you.
Hi guys, I am working on a h plane horn antenna. First I calculate all dimensions that it needs, then I simulate it in the CST but my results are strange. I have a good gain about 6 dB that it is fine in this level I do not have any loss when I am checking the E-Fields But my s11 is awful, it is almost zero, working like a resonator. Do you
hi guys, does anyone know about pillbox antenna for LMDS? now am doing a project about sector horn,but some happened.the questions as follows: first,how to design the aperture to meet the azimuth power pattern?now gain and HPBW are very well,but the power pattern is not suitable for ETSI. second,the peak of elevation (...)
How to make coaxial probe for horn antenna in feko. In feko example of horn with line feed i changed parameters and have achieved my desired results now i want to place probe like in hfss Microstrip patch antenna but i have no infinite ground in case of horn. Kindly mention (...)
Hi, Please can someone guide me how to assign the port for the offset feed horn? For the focus feed horn, we have the aligned feeding towards our antenna but if we need to make it offset, we need to tilt it so it makes the feeding no longer align with the antenna. So my friend told me to use coaxial probe (...)
Hi, I created a corrugated horn antenna model and I was trying to validate it but there is an error message "non manifold edges found for corrugated". I have tried to fix this issue using the solutions available in previous threads but its not working. Please help me! Thank you very much! Model file is attached.
Hi Everyone, I have designed a horn antenna for Bluetooth application and for simulation purpose I just want to make one with curved end. I have tried to do it by intersecting with circle, but the problem is when I changed the length of the horn antenna the shape of the curve is changed (...)
Hi, I have radiation pattern results from anechoic chamber which I need to plot. The data which I have are the XY, XZ and the YZ plan each with co and cross pol data. I did the necessary calculation using the horn antenna(source) gain values. Now, how do I calculate the total E field (...)
Hi, If I understand you correctly, you are trying to model a realistic version of a horn antenna that could be 3D printed. You could model the horn with ABS material, for example, and then pick the internal faces and create shape from (...)
Best e-book is the Google. By array-antenna, are you looking to build a Phased Array? Or just using multiple arrays to increase directivity and gain? I would've gone for Helical however...
Hello everyone, I want to design a Fresnel zone plate antenna in HFSS. The design has two elements. (1) A plate having circular rings of different radii. It can be made by printed technology on RT/duroid 5880. and (2) horn antenna as a feed. My doubt is how can I simulate this complete design (...)
Have you studied the currents on the outside surface of your horn antenna, particularly around the mouth of the horn? It sounds like you might have high currents that are leaking back onto the outer surface of your antenna, and these currents might be creating the radiation. I think there (...)
With the EXPLOSION of 3d printing, has anyone come across a LOW COST way to fabricate microwave components for prototyping? I mean a method of making precision tolerance microstrip on FR4 or Duroid for maybe under $500? Or a way of making waveguide and antenna horn type components from sintered metals for maybe under (...)
As you know nothing about antenna design, find and study a good textbook, like Kraus, J.D. antennas, and Kraus, Radio Astronomy. yes an awesome place to start to learn the basics and more you also need to decide up front what frequencies you want to (...)
Hi, I've set up a pyramidal horn in CST MWS 2014 with the following properties: Directivity: ~20dBi Design frequency: 10 GHz Waveguide measurements is standard EIA WR-90 x-band. I've simulated this with a E-field monitor and a farfield monitor (...)

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