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Hi I have a situation of low GSM signal indoor and I need to amplify it I have seen some boosters availble but I wanted to know is it possible to amplify gsm signal using active GSM antennas ? I have some active antennas gor GPS and GSM and they have LNA inside my plan is to use these antennas and supply them with dc (...)
Welcome to Nanyu.Fangda Technology company. We have wireless devices that you may be finding. Indoor: pc wifi dongle, home used router, repeater, hotel or public places wifi devices. Outdoor: outdoor high power access point, high power wireless CPE/ bridge/ repeater. Outdoor Wlan antenna, 3G/4G antenna. Signal booster (...)
Firstly I'm sorry if my question is Dump :sad: I'm not a Communication Engineer , I'm production Engineer What are the geographical limitations of tv reception system of terrestrial UHF ? What if I used antenna array to incrase gain ? Is that can help me receive far stations , Is Analog transmission has more coverage than Digital transmiss
to increase signal strength, use a better antenna (like any of these ones), if you know your carrier operator frequency (from the know 4 band gsm freqs) you can design or buy a better antenna... also you can get a signal booster according your antenna conne
range is dependent on where it is placed, what sort of antenna, what type of walls etc it has to TX and RX through If it was outside on a high pole with a high gain antenna and clear path it could do 100 km easy is it a good product ... who knows ?? just make sure that power level is legal in your country Dave
Assuming you have permission to piggyback onto the other home's wifi... Link to various images of wifi antenna (including boosters). You'll probably need to go to some effort to gain access to the wiring of your laptop's antenna.
hi i am a final year student.. i want to make a gsm signal signal booster antenna, for which i have to make an amplifier circuit to amplify the incoming signal,. i also need help in antenna design,, any help will be highly appreciated,,,,
When you mix two good wines, always results a bad taste wine. The same situation is when you couple two antennas (which were not designed for mutual coupling) will result a poor performance antenna.
That’s an active antenna circuit used for receiving purposes in instances where a normal antenna would be impossible to accommodate in a physical sense. Such an antenna is sometimes called an antenna booster. For that purpose we are using a field effect transistor as the amplifying device. The JFET (...)
Feeding the TV booster with 10 Milliwatt and getting X output? Coz the TV booster output will be naturally lesser than 10Mw coz it is intended to connect to a TV antenna tuner where more power may damage the TV tuner's front end. Too the frequncy of the booster is determined and tunned by the Coils inside which will have to (...)
use a high gain receiving antenna
Hello, I need to build a very small antenna booster for a radio working on WFM mode on 120-140 MHz. It must be as small as possible, and the most difficult thing: The receiver works from 3V... I found several designs using a bipolar - but they work from 9V to 12V. Any help please? TIA, Nina
Hi all, Is it possible to increase FM sensitivity of my SONY walkman adding, if possible, an external antenna or booster? If yes, how? I'll use a PC speaker system connected to the earphone jack. Regards, Fernando
Hi all, can anyone kindly send a schematic for a TV VHF/UHF active antenna (TV booster) Thanks inadvance
FM booster Works Exceptionally well with a static filter inline with it I saw this description on the website refering to fm antenna booster customer does it mean by static filter inline? How it works & what is the circuit?
i want to design booster antenna for 900 Mhz - 1200 Mhz. who have the circuit, schematic and pcb design??
Normally all tv reception devices hv 75 ohm impedance. This is also applicable to tv input. Then u can easily find some tv antenna booster circuit for UHF.
i need more resources or even help on my omni directional wifi booster........ i need a radius of at least 500meters If you are looking for DIY WiFi antenna, just google for "biquad" or "cantena".
HI DEAR, You would probably need a SIGNAL booster amplifier if you have three or four splits (three or four TV's) connected to the incoming cable or output of your Satellite receiver. If you have a home antenna and need to improve signal strength of your off air signals. TV picture quality of distant channels will be "snowy" or granular. A
v tried to assemble fm radio antenna amplifier ( 88~108 Mhz) published in popular electronics. But unable to get it working. Anybody hv assembled it? or suggest some good circuit. Added after 2 minutes: here is the circuit