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Hello Is it possible to design a polarization conversation metasurface antenna using matlab ? I want to design Metasurface antenna using only matlab. Thanks in advance
Hi everyone, I am currently developing software in matlab to calculate the S21 parameter based on the E-farfield pattern simulated in CST. However, matlab doesn't calculate the correct S21 values from these farfield patterns. I read something about antenna Calculation in the CST design studio handbook (p.93). When (...)
my professor wanted me to design 2x2 antenna array which gives a pattern similar to cardioid but it has to be 1 everywhere except a narrow notch point. i have been trying 2 weeks around 2000 combination but i still can't find it. my matlab code is : clear all f = 1e6; c = 3e8; lamd = c/f; k = 2*pi/l
Can anyone suggest me the ways to use parameters of characteristic modes of an antenna design using Feko and implement it in a matlab code for characteristic mode of an antenna?To be more precise suggest me ways to link feko and matlab?
Hello everyone, I am currently working on designing a Patch antenna using matlab and was successful for a Microstrip feed with the help of the formulas provided in antenna Theory: Analysis and design by C A Balanis. Now I got stuck with determining the feed point location and whether there any separate (...)
Hello all, I would like to research planar dipole antennas (microstrip fed) and cannot find any information on these on the internet with design equations. I am specifically looking to plot the radiation pattern in matlab. Any guidance would be great. Thanks
can anyone tell how to design modulated arm width spiral antenna in HFSS/CST. can we design it or we need write code in matlab?????
Hi there i have managed to design a log spiral antenna with the following parameters but cant seem to get matlab to truncate each arm of my antenna a = 0.22 N = two turns flow = 300Mhz fhigh = 1Ghz ro = 75mm I have simulated my designs in matlab and i am getting a two arm (...)
Hi Please, i'm reading a paper on a circularly polarized monopole antenna and the author has this results that i can't figure out how to generate. I sent him a mail asking about it and he said i have to extract some results from hfss and then write a code in matlab to generate that plot. My problem however, is, I don't know which result in HFS
Hi, I need Example 8.2's matlab codes in antenna Theory: Analysis and design, 3rd Edition. Can someone help me, please?
hi friends i hope some one can help me. i need to generate a smart antenna signal using matlab code.
I want to design antipodal linear tapered slot antenna in matlab...I am new to matlab please help me, because i dont know from where to start???
hi everyone, i am very one to CST MWS .. i already design the rectangular waveguide .But the problem is that i dont really know how to export the Amplitude and phase of the rectangular waveguide. I need to design a folded reflectarray antenna . Other problem is that, how can i load ASCII file of CST MWS ( value of amplitude and
its hard to find Viavaldi antenna tutorial , also usually in paper didn't give full data about this antenna dimension
Hi, i have antenna theory analysis and design for balanis but there is no codes plz anyone have it send to me or put it here for all thanks
how to design dualb band microstrip antenna for wimax...modelling n simulation using matlab
i want to simulate a receiver antenna and want to observe its behaviour in real RF enviroment. Please guide me which software tool should i use..i have ADS 2008 version on my computer, can i do this in matlab.
hai plz send me the matlab code for design of microstrip antenna using matlab and radiation pattern of microstrip antenna in matlab............
Hi am doing doing a project on antenna design. Can anyone help, i badly need the 2D antenna array matlab code for array factor. thanks.
Hi.. I want to design stacked patch antenna by this spec... Parameter---------Min------------Max-------- Description arU------0.6------ 1.4------ Aspect ratio for the upper patch xU-------20mm----68mm--- The x-dimension for the upper patch arL------ 0.6------ 1.4------ Aspect ratio for the lower patch xL------- 20mm----68mm--- The x