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First of all, I'm no antenna expert. I'm currently trying to extract Power Spectal Density (PSD) of an antenna excited by a well defined pulse in HFSS, to check its performance against FCC mask for UWB indoor applications. The question is: can I have PSD somehow directly from HFSS (...)
There is patch antenna image (i taken it from ) 117286 Usually patch arrays have feeding line coming from one side. for example, all feeding lines can come from bottom side. But on this image we can see that feeding lines also come from top of patc
Hi all, can anybody suggest me any books or articles that focus on different millimeter wave antennas and their respective applications. 60 GHz is the frequency of interest. I am interested in antenna designs which have been or can be used for applications like gigabit WLANs, HD video (...)
It is capable of maintaining a reasonable VSWR match over an extremely wide frequency range. The construction includes elements that progressively change size, yet all couple their energy to the feed line. This makes it useful for things like EMC testing where a signal generator can deliver a wide frequency sweep in one go. Also, for any (...)
Hello Colleague, - I found an accurate equation for Zc in the book "antennas for all applications" by John D. Kraus: Zc= Zo/(√ε r[(W⁄t)+2) 92593 Where: Zc= Characteristic Impedance Zo = Intrinsic impedance = 377Ω ε r = Dielectric constant from your material: I guess (...)
Is that a standard for both "transmitter and receiver" antenna impedance? Is it true for all ASK modules? The modules have an ANT pin that I connect the antenna directly to it. I don't see any special connectors. Or maybe I haven't got what you mean exactly by "connector". How do you intend to connect the anten
Yes, a patch antenna can have omni radiation pattern in Azi and Ele planes. These antennas are used for aerospace applications (as an array), mobile phones use PIFA and can have omni radiation pattern
Hi all, I want to have efficient way of designing a bowtie antenna for uwb applications. Can any body provide me with the tutorial...
I'm trying to design a planar phased array antenna consisting of circular dielectric waveguide for 15.25GHz applications(lattice is skew). i modeled hexagonal unit cell in hfss with master/slave boundary condition and PML. and then i want to see my anten impedance matching in all scan angle is good or no!! floquet port (...)
Hi, could you send me your antenna by HFSS 12 that i have to see your problem. i designed U shaped antenna for UWB applications.. Thanks
Dear all, i am working on designing a spiral rectangular antenna for a tag, but i have a few questions: which software do i use ?? is the antenna normally in the form of a wire ?? do i need to buy a chip for the antenna to form the (...)
Hi I am currently working in RFID project. I am completely new to this field. I browsed in the internet and got the basic knowledge about RFID. Now I would like to know, which software will be used to design a PCB antenna. Also it would be very nice, if anyone refer me some materials or books about patch antenna design for rfid (...)
I can't say i'm absolutely beginner i have read some and have a moderate experience in hfss but i feel lost. I am supposed to study smart antenna systems but I don't know how to start any help please?
If you have a design that is based on air, and you put it on PCB, the size must reduce somewhat to compensate for the reduces propagation speed because of the dielectric properties of the PCB material. If the thickness of the dielectric is far below the size of the antenna (for example a 900 MHz bowtie on 1.5 mm FR4, you should think of a (...)
Hello all folks, Please provide links to these books 1) Microwave Transition Design By Izadian, Jamal S. (Author), Izadian, Shahin M. (Joint Author) --- Very Important!! 2) Novel Technologies for Microwave and Millimeter-Wave applications Kiang, Jean-Fu (Ed.) 3) Microstrip and Printed antenna Design (...)
i don't why addition a slot on patch antenna can compressing scattering parametter S11. Can you help me explain this problem ?
Dears, We know that UWB antenna have bandwidth (3.3GHZ - 10.6 GHZ) but how make multiband for UWB wireless applications? I attached paper that indicates types of multiband antennas. Thanks to all.
Dears, We know that UWB antenna have bandwidth (3.3GHZ - 10.6 GHZ) but how make multiband for UWB wireless applications? I attached papers that indicates types of multiband antennas. let's discuss it together to reach good result. Thanks to all.
for basic antenna theory, I recommend Stutzman, Thiele: antenna Theory and Design
If you are a student, Balanis is good. You can use modern antenna design 2nd Ed. THOMAS A. MILLIGAN for more dettail on some antennas.