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Hello everyone, Anyone can help me to solve my CST design for SRR antenna. I try to simulate my SRR antenna by using coaxial probe. But the problem occur when i place my antenna with different layer of human tissues body. Seems like this antenna not working well if I do simulation with (...)
Your description is vague. By "box" you mean bounding box? the background box in the cst? How is this box created that prevents putting/attaching other objects on it? By "directly on it", do you mean that it has to make perfect contact? if it is an antenna, you don't need it. Even for other boundary condition problems small air spacing wouldn't aff
Skin and human body models in general are developed for calculating SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to an electromagnetic field, so there might be possible to find a model that consider the human body and skin as an equivalent (...)
Hi I want to calculate the SAR for microstrip antenna with coaxial cable on human body phantom with HFSS. I dont know how calculate the SAR with HFSS. and I dont know how a microstrip antenna with coaxial cable are placed on human body phantom. please help me:cry:
Hi all, What is the difference between antenna effect and esd in layout? thanks and regards,
Is there any human model/dummy human available on the market, which serves the purpose of testing on-body antennas? Unlike those simple human models in appareal shops, materials involved in human body should be approximated fairly to enable accurate characterization of (...)
how is power radiated measured compared to S11? my understanding is: S11 is how much of the incident power from source gets accepted by antenna to be radiated. Power radiated is a measure of how much power gets radiated out of antenna. If my understanding is correct, how is S11 and power radiated measured in a real setting? If I have
iPhone 4 doesn't have antenna diversity.
HI all, i am looking for hfss human-body model for the simulation of the effect of human body on the ingestible capsule antenna performance. can anyone tell me where can i get this model? Thank you so much for all your help:wink:
I think this is possible with Xfdtd. Their website has examples showing a human body model in various situations with calculations of fields and sar in the tissues. hope this helps.
you are pretty far away (the signal power dies out at a high rate with distance), and the antenna pattern would concentrate the energy approximately 300 feet above your head, not down on the ground where you are. In addition, VHF is a low frequency, and does not interact with your body very efficiently. You are fine.
hello everybody, plz help me , i want to simulate antenna terminated in layered human body model i.e. wants to calculate the SAR in layered body model. plz tell me how can i do SAR setting for different layers like skin,fat or muscle layers??? and how can i plot SAR vs thickness of layers.....
anyone know how to simulate our antenna with SAR in cst
hi all, can we model a human body part with a tumor using cst microwave studio,how can we do the near feild pattern measurement of an antenna using cst
Hi: HFSS calculates EM fields for antennas, and Comsol solves a set of general PDEs. But what are the good CAD tools to be used with them to create complicate objects, e.g., antenna, and/or geometry, e.g., part of human body? Also sometimes it is required to establish objects/domains from a set of images, e.g., (...)
I am simulating a human body model alongwith a circularly polarised patch antenna to analyse the effects oh human body on the antenna performance at 1.5GHz. But the CST Microwave Studio is giving weird errors like Unstable calculations, abnormal termination etc. it also takes a lot of (...)
When a human body is close to an antenna, could change the multipath trajectory of the waves, and depending by the phase of the two signals (direct or reflected) the reception could be better, but also could be worst. Also the human body could behave as a capacitive antenna increasing (...)
does any one have got a matlab code for head shap as i study the effect of mobile antenna radiatios on head and human body if any one have something please upload Thanks Amr
Dear all, I need any resources that talking about the effect of mobile antenna on human body please help Thanks Amr
Hallo I would like to know the effect of human body on the mobil antenna and how can we make the antenna insenstive to this effect is this a problem for a wide band antenna thanx