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This application note describes the design and simulation of simple PCB antennas for 2.4GHz and 5.6GHz. The first example shows a 2.45GHz single band antenna. The second example then shows a dual band version for 2.4GHz and 5.6GHz. Finally, the sensitivity to
hello every one i finish my design for wimax dual band microstrip antenna on hfss ...because of the hfss version is cracked one...and i have licensed version of AWR (microwave office)...i am looking for a way to transfer or copy this design from hfss to AWR. thanks alot.
u can design bowtie by antenna design kit
1. Is correct to analize antenna's (patch) parameters, such as S11 and radiation pattern, with AWR microwave office? I'm wondering becose this tool very rarely mentioned among Electromagnetic Simulators. 2. What type of solver is used in AWR MO?
Hello, Can you explain more on your problem... By the way you can use AWR microwave office as it has Axiem Electromagnetic simulator based on MOM for antenna design & then use Schematic editor to call the antenna as subcircuit & then you can add Resistive or Capacitive loads & you can tune the same... ---manju---
Hello Sangi Reddy, In AWR which EM Simulator you are using is it EMSight or Axiem? Also where is the probe feed location? (x0, y0) If you are using EMSight you simply Draw the Structure, draw the Via Port (probe) & then setup the dielectric layer properties Finally add antenna measurements & simulate... ---manju---
there are some software for simulation antenna. for example" 1.HFSS 2.ADS 3.IE3D 5.microwave office 6.CST BEST REGARDS
you can use from software IE3D or HFSS for simulation antenna
Hello sai.spandana, First design a single patch antennas for required frequency then use the same for 8X8 array... Then optimize the spacing to get desired radiation patterns & return loss... you can use any of the EM tools such microwave office, Sonnet, Concerto, etc... The best getting started document to do this is appended (...)
Hello hanif, It may be setting problem... upload your microwave office (MWO) file (*.emp), we will help you in suggesting some settings for antenna analysis using MWO... ---manju---
Hi I am currently doing my final year project on ultra wideband antenna and have actually designed an array of 2x2 bowtie antenna patch. I need design 1-4 equal split wilkinson power divider using microwave office 2002 but I have difficulties. Please help!! This is urgent!!!
Hello, Upload your AWR MWO square coil antenna design file & problem you are facing... ---manju---
Hi, i m 4.grade student @university and have a final project about smart antenna design patch array antenna. and i m working on AWR microwave office and matlab. could you tell me where i should start from. or have you any documents about designing or codes about algorithms(doa,music) i have very limited time. if you (...)
Hello, Find attached is the MWO project file of the requested antenna using EMSight simulations & Circuit Schematic model... ---manju---
Hello, AWR MWO doesn't have antenna Gain, directivity measurements for this you need to use 3D em tools ... ---manju---
Can anybody say to me if AWR is capable to perform simulations of a planar antenna design using partial ground planes?
Dear All, I have simulated a patch antenna using HFSS V11 the result gave me very good BW and radiation pattern, from here i am new and i have no idea how to start the fabrication, my question is how to layout the simulted patch antenna? Thank you
Does Cst microwave office consider mutual coupling effects in an antenna array? i know feko does.. but i am using cst thnak you?
HI all, Anybody knows how to implement the function?Because i want to prove that Split ring resonator of my project is metamaterial.I am concerned about the electric field magnitude and the electric field phase. I went thru the design types/antenna in microwave office examples..but it happens to be floating point divide by zero.But (...)
Agilent ADS-Momentum-MoM Based EMDS-FEM Based AMDS-Time Domain complete antennae suite affordable price