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Hi all I designed a planar antenna that would be a unit cell for a 44 phased array. My PC resources are limited and I want to know what configuration i may use in order to speed out simulation and optimization of the array's parameters.
Hi everybody, I am having a project about "optimization for antenna using hfss simulation through hfss API". My trouble is now when i export data under Excel or Matlab table from hfss result, i dont have any idea to analyze these file in Matlab, such as S11 plot, i dont have idea how to make matlab (...)
Hi everybody, My name is Ngoc, I am the third year student at Ha Noi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam. I am having a project about "optimization for antenna using hfss simulation through hfss API". My trouble is now when i export data under Excel or Matlab table from hfss result, i dont have (...)
Hi everybody, I'm haveing project about antenna optimization by Genetic Algorithm. My trouble now is that can't linking between hfss and MatLab. If anyone know it, please guide me what i need to do now? Thank you so much!
i am a beginer on hfss tool and i am ... i am not getting exact value we have take for the corporate feed network so plz tell me how 2 design a corporate feed network for 2*2 array patch ..plz plz do help me... and i am facing problems in optimization also so plz help me
I am designing a tri band antenna in hfss but having problem with third dip which is at - 4ddB .... how ca i optimize it to get s11 below -10dB geometry is attached
How to set up the Goal in optimization setup in hfss in this case: the antenna is on xy plane, i want to find the value of a variable so that the antenna is Omnidirectional in yz plane I don't know how to set up the goal, the condition.. in optimization setup menu Thank you very much!
Respected all, Hello. I am designing a stacked and slotted antenna using IE3D. the same structure when i simulated with FEM based hfss, gave me four resonances, the result of IE3D is also giving me four resonant points, but the problem is that the RL at two of the four frequencies is less than (above) -10dB. So i decided to assign the probe fee
I would like to contact someone with experience in CST studio (or hfss, Ansoft Designer) for antenna simulation and optimization. Anyone interested in freelancing for CST studio? Cortes.
I need to draw a folded dipole, which forms part of a Yagi antenna. I thought the best way to draw the rounded ends of a folded dipole would be to start with a torus, then remove unnecessary parts. But unfortunately, the plane of the dipole is almost (but not quite) horizontal along the x axis. It is inclined a bit (about 10 degrees). So it's n
can anyone help me exporting field data from hfss i know there are several threads similar but here i have a different problem i need to export field data (actually current density) to matlab but i need to work with variables im making optimization for an antenna structure and the optimization in made in matlab (...)
Dear all, i need 2 sample hfss projects 1. PBG structure in microstrip patch antenna design. 2. EBG structure in microstrip patch antenna design. hfss file, documentation or EDABoard related link is highly expected. Plz help me. In addition, i successfully implement GA optimization in patch (...)
how can make antenna optimization using hfss
Hi, I have a question about designing collinear omni-directional antenna. Right now I want to steer the main beam direction to the horizonal plane, by using hfss optimization. Basically I want to make the gain at theta=90 deg the maximum, so How can I setup the optimization for this purpose? I found that we can setup (...)
well, saqaw. For your optimization question, I remember in hfss, if you define the variable to change, then on the project tree, you right click the Optimetrics>>add>>optimization... you can setup the goal and the optimization method to fine tuning your project. However, since the antenna radiation (...)