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Hi, After designing an antenna in hfss. How can I be shure if my design is well adapted? For exemple, if I designed a patch antenna with microstrip line of 50 ohms, should I go simulate to see if the antenna impedance is equal to 50 ohms for all the wanted frequencies ? What else should I check? Thank you
hello Would you please tell me how I can plot Eco and Across of an antenna with hfss? EL3x and EL3Y give the ratio betwwen them but I want to get the E co en cross separately to compare them with ADS Thk you for your help
On designing an antenna in hfss how could one come to know its type of polarization? is there any plot which that could help to conclude its type of polarisation ?
From searching and brainstorming I came up with Vertical polarization = Theta polarization Horizontal polarization = Phi polarization (Correct me if I'm wrong) In my design my antenna is facing in X direction like in the picture 117293 I am using hfss. For getting the vertical and (...)
Hello! I am designing reflect array antenna in hfss. I have few questions 1)I have no idea how to determine the CO/Cross polarization Patterns in E and H plane? 2)Also I want to know that how to determine the polarization of your antenna? 3)How to Plot Gain Vs frequency in (...)
Can you please share how to measure the received vertical and horizontal components of an antenna in Azimuth Plane using hfss by changing the polarization of Transmitting antenna.( without changing the mounting plane of receiving antenna 114215114216
Hi all, I am simulating microstrip antenna using CST software, I want to know the polarization of the antenna , if linear (Horizontal or vertical) , or circular polarization, I got some axial ratio result but I could n`t understand it, Any one can help me please, how can i know the polarization (...)
Sir, I need to insert a pin diode in a patch antenna. What is the way to do this in hfss? Thanks in Advance Ref Paper:-
hi all, I am working on Fractal antenna for UWB spectrum. I am having problem on plotting gain vs frequency plot and radiation efficiency plot. How to define theta and phi values for this..Also how to draw co and cross polarization. Please let me know the steps..using hfss'13
how to check polarization of antenna in hfss.
hi every one, How to calculate -3db Beamwidth, cross polarization of my 2x2 microstrip antenna array. Best regards
HEllo everybody, i m simulating a polarization agile antenna which can switch its polarization state from linear polarization: horizontal and vertical and circular polarization lhcp and rhcp depending on the diode on and off... thus i want immediate help over the same. i m using hfss fro the (...)
Hello to u all Could any one please tell me how to plot cross polar radiation pattern of any antenna in hfss??
How is "total realized gain" related to the polarisation? Total realized gain radiation pattern doesn't tell you much about the polarization, since it includes all polarizations (your antenna is most probably not perfect, so you might have not only the desired RHCP, but also the undesired LHCP). You must select a
i m beginner in hfss can u tell me how plot gain vs freq graph,radiation pattern,directivity vs frequency,co and cross polarization...if any doc then upload...pls help..
Respected tutor, I have designed a square MSA with dual probe feed.But im unable to see E plane & H plane plots for cross & co polarization, I am using hfss v11. could u tell me 1)where should i see its results ? to see this should i apply excitation to each probe by creating 3 design 1-both probe ,2-1stprobe,3-2nd probe excitation? 2)How to de
hey i m attaching ma corrugated horn antenna design along wid reults.... pls any1 let me what is the level of cross n co polar polarization...
hello sir/madam i have designed a rectangular patch antenna with circular polarization,,,,but i exactly dont know to measure axial ratio,,,can u please help me in fingding out axial ratio vs frequency graph,,, after designing for circular polarization ,if we dnt get axial ratio less hen 3bd,,,is the design wrong??
in what aplications? waveguide, antenna, could you give more details?
hello guys. i try to simulate reflectarray antenna element with t-shaped patch.i work with hfss and i use master and slave boubdary and floquet port for my periodic how can i excite my patch in x or y direction with floquet port??? and how can i see co-polarization and cross polarization from (...)