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dear all i m facing some problem in optimizing the resonant frequency of a coaxially feeded microstrip antenna using Powel Optimizer in IE3D simulator. anybody can tell me........................ i hv already varified the optimization of the resonant frequency of a microstrip line feeded microstrip antenna using Powel Optimizer in IE3D
What type of antenna is it? If its a printed antenna, any Planar EM simulator would be sufficient. My preferred one is Axiem. It is integrated with the circuit tool too, so simulating it with other WLAN components should be very easy.
Hello, I'm searching for "the best tool" to design ultra-wideband antennas and antenna arrays with a highly directional response pattern. Possible geometries are e.g. bow-tie, vivaldi or horn antennas. The frequency range to be simulated is DC to 10 GHz. Later I also want to analyze nanostructures like nanowires or carbon nanotubes (...)
Hi vioamethyst, I didn't mean phi at +/-45?, but that the principal (co-polarized) component should be at +/-45?. Take an example: a) Suppose a dipole in the z-axis. In the xz plane, the co-polar component is Etheta and the cross-polar component is Ephi. b) Suppose now that the dipole is slanted 45? in the zy plane in order
hi. I want to add picture simulate antenna using cst with picture that i measure using camera. i don't know to do it, i hope every body give me how to do ima
Hello I need a program that simulates antenna arrays as point elements and gets the array factor only any program would be good but a free fast program would be appreciated thank you very much
hi all. I need your help here. I'm designing waveguide slot antenna 9GHz frequency, but I was confused simulated using Ansoft HFSS. I've been looking for his tutorials on its website, but there is no corresponding result. if you anyone can help, please contact me. thank you:
HFSS calculates directivity, gain, and power radiated, but I was wondering if I can measure them physically (without a simulator). If so, what equipment, technique, etc. is used for that? Please reply ASAP as I have a presentation due soon. Thanks
I want to design Planar shape antenna for wimax application (frequency will vary from 3-5 ghz ) and i am using coaxial probe feed technique using hfss simulator.i want give the slots such as upper case letters and i want that each letter must work for one specific it possible to design such type of antennas on
There are a lot of equations and complex curves that go into that calculation. The most direct solution would be to find a copy of antenna Theory by C.A. Balanis. I have the 3rd edition, and the equations and figures you'd need are in Chapter 5. See example 5.4 (pg 260) for an example problem that does similar calculations to what you need. A
i have aproblem with excitation in hfss simulator and also need help to do adieleectric antenna in hfss
I think for a strip line balun antenna CST is ,probably, the most appropriate tool. Its GUI for structure design is very powerful, you can add your own VBA code lines, also its Transient simulator is very fast as compared to other softwares. CST is based on time domain techniques. If you have a small structure and you want broadband results in s
Hi Chandra, Making slot in patch antenna is simple. Here are the steps 1) Draw a rectangle equal to dimension of patch 2) Draw a rectangle of size equal to slot above the patch. 3) Select the two structures 4) Right click to get "edit - Boolean - substract as shown in screen shot http
1. Is correct to analize antenna's (patch) parameters, such as S11 and radiation pattern, with AWR Microwave Office? I'm wondering becose this tool very rarely mentioned among Electromagnetic simulators. 2. What type of solver is used in AWR MO?
how to implement and to design the antenna with that kind of loading using FDTD methods and using Microwave Office (AWR)? Please help me my friend.
can anyone help me how to design this antenna in CST??I dunno how to draw the structure in there ant tutorial can guide me???
Hello Sangi Reddy, In AWR which EM simulator you are using is it EMSight or Axiem? Also where is the probe feed location? (x0, y0) If you are using EMSight you simply Draw the Structure, draw the Via Port (probe) & then setup the dielectric layer properties Finally add antenna measurements & simulate... ---manju---
Hi I want to excite dual S arm microstrip antenna from one position. In HFSS simulator I do this with a coax feed that pass of substrate and connect to micro strip line in suitable position ,but in Momentum ADS I don't know how do this? Is there anyone to help me?
hello i m working on this paper. i need to solve the equations of R & i want to ask that can i solve this paper by making the program of these equation on matlab or i have to use any simulator of designing antenna plz guide me
Hello all, I am a new user for using HFSS . Are there any easy way to learn HFSS or any video ? Please help me . Thank a lot.