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If you use 3D EM simulator, you can draw your spiral against a ideal antenna with a azimuth and elevation angles,then you can check the s-parameters and since the applied power/voltage to the ideal antenna, you can also find induced and appeared voltage/power at the terminals of the looks like antenna chamber..
Hi antenna_beginner, I am a beginner too. I am working on HFSS not CST, but i believe the design should be same even with different softwares. In Coaxial/Probe feeding technique we subtract or remove a circular slot from ground plane and create 3 cylinders(probe, pin, coax) and a circle(waveport) but i am sure about making patch+inner cylinder and
Falstad's simulator is free, animated and interactive. By reducing the timestep you can use frequencies in the GHz. Its antenna model provides three simultaneous broadcasts on AM frequencies, which you can tune a detector to pick up individually. LTSpice is free and more sophisticated than Falstad's. It contains models o
Hi Members I am trying to excite a simple patch antenna using Grounded Co-Planar Wave guide Structure (GCPW) by the techniques shown below in Fig.1. I do so but receive the error of "Port 1 is assigned to an internal face". Can someone kindly assist me in assigning wave guide port to the GCPW structure in HFSS simulator. I have
hi everyone. I am designing an antenna in CST. how can I made it be a receive or transmit antenna ? thanks alot.
Dear All, I am working to develop a feeding network for phased array of 8 antennas. Each antenna in the array is being fed with same amplitude signal but a constant phase difference of 45 degree. I have simulated this in HFSS as shown in the attachment. but result are not valid. It looks to me there are HFSS have problems in determining the exact r
Hi All, Can anyone please help me out to find the open source software for microstrip patch antenna design in windows 7. Thanks in Advance..
Hi, Please, i need the file "channel_data. txt" uploaded by zhang Hong in his thesis titled as "WCDMA simulator with smart antenna". If anybody has that file kindly mail me at I have an urgent need to this file, i need our help please. Thank you so much,
Hello Member, I designed a Yagi antenna @300 GHz in CST MWS and imported the 3D model into HFSS for verification. I am not getting the correct results due to improper mesh settings. I was wondering if its also possible to import CST Mesh settings of the yagi design into HFSS. Or if someone can assist me correctly applying the mesh settings in HF
Hi. Please, can someone capable of simulating / evaluating a theorical antenna show the results, characteristics and impedance plotting from 50 MHz to 1000 MHz for a 78 cm diameter loop with 1mm conductor ?
Hi, I am designing a spiral antenna in CST (without antenna Magus, unfortunately!) and am wondering how to use the port excitation? I have used EMPIRE previously and in this you can simply define a discrete port between the two arms of the spiral and the simulator works fine. However, I have no idea how to do this in CST. Thanks
Hello! Maybe you could help. How to distinguish what is monopole and what is dipole antenna in case of miniature standalone examples like: 108041 Ok, the part closer to the wire seems to be a ground. But why it is so small? Is it some kind of DGS structure? Thanks.
Dear all, We want to design an microstrip antenna array at 150GHz. The losses in the distribution network should be very low, so we will use superconductors to fabricate the summing network. However for this high frequency, superconductors exhibit frequency dependent surface impedance and this behavior have to be simulated. And since we have
Hello to everyone, i am using IE3D to simulate an antenna. I will use for conductor Gold or Copper. I am searching about relative constant and Loss tangent δ. Ιs anyone knows these value in Microwave Band? Also, in optical frequencies is there any significant deviation ? Bests, George
hi. i am working on hfss 13. the problem i am facing is chip impedance matching between chip and antenna. the impedance value value of chip is 20-485j and i have to assign its conjugate (20+485j) to antenna. but how am i supposed to assign these values ?
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me out in designing a bow-tie antenna. I am looking for equations that relate the length, angle, gap of the bow-tie antenna to the resonant frequency and the bandwidth. Any help or even showing good references is appreciated. Thank you!
go through antenna Theory balanis Chapter 14.
you would need to check it on an emag simulator. Best thing is to build it, and then test it, if u do not have the right simulator. A warning: antenna papers, especially, often have misleading dimensional information on not be surprised if the unit u build does not perform as advertised.
Has anyone here worked with or heard of HFWorks? It is a finite element simulator for electromagnetics, like HFSS, and comes as an add-in package to SolidWorks and AutoDesk. Does anyone have any idea about its advantages and disadvantages over HFSS, with respect to small antenna design? Thanks!
Dear sir's please guide me how to extract the simulated antenna files from CST to fabricate antenna It must have all the data that needed to fabricate, including feed connector details , PCB layout details, dielectric details, dimensions etc... thank you