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i want to design printed bowtie antenna design i need to know the 1.length formula 2. width formula 3. if i am feeding through the strip line whats the length of feed line and spacing formulas and calculations if u send that helps me lot
A poor designed array antenna can get worse performance than a single well designed antenna. There are two main things that have to care when designing array antennas. Isolation between antenna elements, and proper phasing between them.
Hi All, I have to use a wifi antenna and a cellular antenna in my design. What is the minimum spacing required between these two antennas to avoid interference among them? Regards Soumen
When we see commercial availabe spiral antennas the track width, spacing quite small and no of turns are quite large But when we study available thesis paper and research articles most use rather small
Hi all could any one help me to differentiate for thiese two case 1- antenna is on the top the layer while EBG at the bottomof the layer 2- two layer, first layer for coplanar antenna and the second layer on the top EBG and the bottom full ground. then this two layer attached togather with spacing to avoid short circuit. (...)
when i create spiral antenna in hfss its port defined in 50 ohms. when i search in google they says the impedance of the spiral antenna is 188 ohm!!! now i am confused ??:shock: please anybody help me???
Hi there i just finished a master's project designing an Archimedean spiral antenna and would like to upload my MATLAB code to help others in the future who may need it. The code will ask you to define the number of turns you want and your outer radius based on your lower frequency then will calculate your inner radius,spacing,width and growth rate
Hi In Meta material antenna how to calculate the split gap in the rings, width of the ring, spacing between the rings, depth of the substrate?
I have simulated a linear antenna array in hfss. the return loss plots for 1 into 2 array , 1 into 4 array, 1 into 8 , 1 into 16 and 1 into 32 array are not the same the 2 elements array is resonant at 5.08 GHz, 4 elements array again at 5.08 GHz , 8 elements array at 5.2 GHz . 16 elements array at 5.6 GHz and 32 elements array at 6.2 GHz this i
That all looks good to me. You have the fixed regulators wired correctly. Watch out for the antenna connection on the module, at 5.7GHz the track width and spacing are critical if you want most output to reach the antenna. Brian.
Hello, I'm new to HFSS and im trying to design a helical antenna (I also tried using the design kit but i prefer doing it by myself). anyway the antenna params are: frequency - around 400 MHz radius - I calculated it to be around 9.5 cm pitch angle - 13 deg spacing (s) - 13.8 cm I still haven't decided which gain I need so i (...)
What frequency? What array spacing? (lambda/2?) What sort of feed arrangement did you have in mind for the patches? (probe/aperture coupled/edge fed?) Any phase shifts between the driven elements for beam steering? While all of the above are essential to know from an implementation viewpoint, fundamentally the design of a 1x2 phased array is p
Hey all, I intend to calculate the impedance as indicated but I am unsure on how I would do this. The reason I need to calculate this impedance is because this is part of a bigger project where I am trying to match the source impedance with the load impedance and I will need to design a impedance matching circuit for it. The source is a 50 oh
Hello! I am learning antenna factor for 2d microstrip array ( ). I am using weighs = 1 for all patches. When i am using wavelength spacing dx=lambda, dy=lambda, then AF graph looks okay (maximum at 90 deg). But any spacing different that lambda gives sidebeams. I can provide images later.
Hi all, I have measured 3 similar antenna with the following results: 1st element = 23.6429dB and phase at -69.39deg 2nd element = 23.2117dB and phase at -94.12deg 3rd element = 22.8134dB and phase at -52.007deg How do I calculate the gain of these 3 elements if put together with a spacing of 225mm at frequency 8GHz at broadside? If
hi friends, I am doing project on design and simulation of 2X2 micro-strip patch array antenna for 60GHz communication in HFSS. I know how to design single patch antenna for 60GHz, but i dont know how to design 2X2 patch antenna in HFSS, if any one knows abt this plz give me an idea or if u have any example plz sent (...)
hii sairajesh, for a rectangle patch antenna array,u need to know the spacing between patches and type of feed i.e..for a linear array the input is divided among power divider is required.There are plenty of papers u can find in the internet.
Hi, I'm designing a 4x1 microstrip array (attached a snapshot) that suppose to work in the 2.4-2.5 GHZ band, i chose my resonance frequency at 2.45GHZ, Er=2.2. I'm getting pretty good results, both gain and S11 - (-38 dB), but my bandwidth is too narrow.. how can i increase it so it'll cover most of the 2.4-2.5 GHZ range (-3dB)? thanks!
Not sure about patch but here is a manufacturer for multi layer ceramic antennas:
hello, i want to ask that how i measure the element spacing of dipole array in coplanar(rectangle or square) design, as far as i know for linear plane we calculate by centere to center ? thanks

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