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Hi people, I am trying to make a wiresless GPS tracking system using SIM908C and SIM548C as the development board. The issue is, the GSM antenna for SIM908C is given on one side, but when it is placed onto the board the GSM antenna connection for the SIM548C dev kit is on the opposite side. Does it really matter which (...)
Hello everyone! I am working on the development of antenna system for LEO Satellite ground Station in S band. Can anyone please guide me about the techniques that we prefer for tracking the LEO Satellite. To name some, that i have so far seen in literature, are: 1. Programmed track (Probably named as auto track as well?) 2. Conical (...)
Hi all, I'm designing a monopulse tracking system. It consist of Rat-race monopulse comparator and a system of 4 dipole antennas. The comparator is working fine, designed in HFSS and measured. Now, the problem is that I want to receive a circular polarized wave. This means that antenna A has to be (...)
Hello Friends, I am working on tracking antenna for monopulse radar system. I am given specification in term of tracking Slope...... I generated sum and difference pattern from antenna....but I don't know how tracking Slope is calculated, what is its significance and what should be its (...)
Is almost the same principle as using RSSI in an AGC control loop, but instead controlling the gain of the system is controlling the antenna position for maximum level from the beacon.
Dear All, We have an X band Cassegrain antenna which tracks a LEO satellite using Program Track. Now we need to add AutoTrack capability to the system. I'm completely lost which equipment to use. I've found the following: 1. Single Channel Monopulse (SCM) 2. Monopulse Comparators 3. TE21 Monopulse tracking Couplers I couldn't (...)
Yes, power supply (and power management in general) is very important in this kind of system, thinking that you never now how long you need to track that system (also could be a delay starting the initial search). Security is given by the security of the GSM system which is relative good for this application. Also (...)
As long as you use a network analyzer, you don't need a directional coupler, because the vector network analyzer already contains directional coupler(s). Abhishekabs uses a spectrum analyzer with tracking generator, and by the addition of a directional coupler he made a scalar network analyzer system. The real challenge will be how to connect
For a 200 MHz BW, kTB Thermal noise is -120 dBW, or -90 dBm (You need to make sure that you keep the units right) If you are trying to track a UAV, you will need to either 1-have a tracking antenna, which would be troublesome 2-Use an omni-directional antenna, which will be trouble for the antenna gain. I don't (...)
I want to request some smart antenna design paper. Thank you very much!!
I intend to use monopulse tracking system for radar antenna. antenna is X-band. how you think? min