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Hi, I am using two vivaldi antennas separated with their far field distance (~80cm) in cst Since they are uwb antenna, so I am trying to excite Tx antenna with an input uwb signal (i1 as indicated in port signal folder) But after simulation is completed, I do not see the port signal (...)
hi everyone,for the last one year i am working on designing a uwb antenna in cst. i have few doubts on cpw port dimensions in cst mw studio. 1. is my port dimensions to excite the cpw are correct ? if not please correct me 2. what are the details we need to consider before defining wave port dimension to excite CPW (...)
hello frds, recently i designed conventional cpw fed uwb monopole antenna in cst, i dnt know whether my wave guide port dimensions to excite the cpw feed are correct or not. can anyone simulate the designed antenna and provide remarks.
Dear sir, I want to find out the group delay of my uwb antenna i am getting error while assigning the second wave port in cst MW Studio 2015. Please give me the required solution to my problem to find the group delay. I am attaching my design here. If possible can you send your model to me. 129270 Thanking you.
Dear all I am design an antenna which is work in uwb frequency range.I want use this antenna for body.can any one tell me how Installing new material with frequency dependent properties.i use cst studio 2014.for example when i want to create phantom model which frequency considered? I need more help thanks
Hi Please how i can get uwb antenna start from 2 GHZ to 8 GHZ? For different shapes like rectangular, circular and hexagonal? Thanks
hello I need to know how can I see the 1 D result of uwb antenna gain in cst for near field application. can any one help me? Thanks
Hye there..i have a final project to design gasket fractal antenna using cst with three iterations..the problems is,im not sure how to design already get the full triangle..but i dont know how to proceed to design fractal..can anyone help me?
I am designing a rectangular patch uwb antenna by cst and i am new to cst software. so any body having any cst files related to this can post the files here or they can mail me to Waiting for ur replies Thank U in Advance
Hi all, I need a help to combine two projects from cst Studio 2011 and AWR Design Environment. I have no idea how to combine together. Is possible to export antenna to AWR and change instead of 50ohm resistor in my AWR simulation and also use the uwb RF generator in cst to see how works antenna with (...)
Hi everyone, Anyway, I'm just a beginner in cst and your help will be appreciated. I just designed an uwb antenna in cst MWS, the antenna is : microstrip rectangular patch, partially grounded substrate. BACKGROUND MATERIALS set to NORMAL, Waveguide PORT was designed accordingly. Now, here's my problem: (...)
Can anyone explain to me how to extract Group delay and Cross Correlation of the uwb antenna in cst? If there is a template, I would appreciate if you could send it to me. Thank you!
Hi all. Can any one tell me how can i obtain the Power Spectral Density (dBm/MHz) of uwb antenna by using cst Microwave Studio. Thank you.
I have designed uwb antenna based upon IEEE paper but i am facing problems in defining port in HFSS. I am uploading paper and HFSS design kindly help me I could not understand whether i have to specify lumped port or wave port.
hi i have designed a microstrip antenna for uwb,max gain that i achiecved is 2.4 can any1 help me how can i improve this.its urgent,plz help
can i have tutorial guide on designing uwb vivaldi antenna using cst simulation? tq for ur help
Hi ... i designed a small U-slotted planar antenna for IR-uwb, and i have probleme with the port impedance, i don't get 50 ohm in the input, i can't touche the design parameters , so i am wondering if the probleme is in the simulation parameters. please help me
Hi, the uwb antenna design has many free available references over the internet check this MSc thesis which is using the cst Microwave Studio for simulation and here a PhD t
hello , I'm trying to plan an uwb horn antenna , i already created the the horn antenna in cst but i want to improve its Directivity i would like to add a lens to the antenna but i don't know how to create it via the lens in the horn by cst.. Would appericiate any advices.
Putting a frequency notch in an antenna will also put a big group delay variation in the passband at the notch frequency. Can an electromagnetic simulator program accurately predict the group delay? Maybe. You have to use enough frequency steps around the notch frequency for the equations to converge. You could run a different manufacturer's em