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There is quite a lot of literature on the subject. A good place to start is with Yang and Rahmat-Samii: "Reflection Phase Characterizations of the ebg Ground Plane for Low Profile Wire antenna Applications".
The difference is: 1- antenna is on the top the layer while ebg at the bottomof the layer 2- two layer, first layer for coplanar antenna and the second layer on the top ebg and the bottom full ground. then this two layer attached togather with spacing to avoid short circuit. The ebgs will (...)
Welcome zain04, It's a bit hard to tell from your picture, but it almost looks like the antenna solid ground is still there when the ebg is combined with the antenna - is this the case?
Im doing microstrip antenna with ebg structure I have few star shape at the back of the antenna when I export to DXF file the star shape dose not show . even when I chose it from component it mark all the shape but after export nothing there
Hi Friends Recently I have designed a ebg cell which it's reflection phase around 3.5 GHz is zero. In order to use this structure I've used a CPW antenna with resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz. The problem is I expect a resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz for whole structures (maybe with some ripple), but the resonant frequency is (...)
hello, I have 2*2 patch antenna array. I want to implement ebg structure in the array and evaluate the advantages in the gain and other antenna paramters ? I am using HFSS version 13. please guide me with the procedure, thanks in advance :)
Can anyone send me simulation of patch antenna with ebg simulated in CST. Actually i want to get help from it so that i can design my own ebg in cst. Any article/simulation in this regard is requested please
I am doing microstrip antenna with ebg structure as ground plane, after simulation the result of return loss shows a value of more than the return loss in microstrip antenna alone. Anyone can help and know what is the reason? How to modify so that the return loss value is better than that of microstrip (...)
some one pls help me differ b/w GSPL (grounded surface pertubation lattice) and ebg:???: I m currently working over ebg microstrip antenna could some one suggest me a good topic related with ebg antenna with application over which i can work thnx
Try to read some papers of Y. Samii and Sievenpiper. You can design a mushroom type ebg materials for metamaterial and use it with patch antenna.
Hello can anyone please tell me the emerging research topics in microwave antenna domain....please..
Hi all, I have designed rectangular microstip patch antenna operating at 2.4 GHz with FR4 as dielectric and metal ground plane. I want to study effect of ebg structure on the performance of this antenna. I want to study simple UC-PBG structure in HFSS. How to design ebg structure for 2.4 GHz? (...)
H! I use CST 2008 and i have a microstrip antenna, simulated with the transient solver and Integration after mushroom ebg to see if they improve the performance of the antenna. but donīt got improvement, which is very strange because I have band gap at the resonance frequency. when ebg i simulate (...)
Hi I am using defected ground on simple microstrip antenna. Please I need to know when I can call such defects (Electromagnetic band Gap). Is there any relation with dimensions?
I wanted to build an ebg antenna, and do not know how to design the CST. Someone help me?
for PBG design check this topic it contains some stuff related to PBG microstrip fed patch antenna HFSS10 below links also include PBG simple example etc Help me with a simple HFSS example on AMC/ebg design ?? pbg or ebg design with HFSS h
I' doing my thesis on simulating UWB antenna and use ebg structure to enhance the antenna performance. Can somebody give me some ideas or introduce me some suitable designs? I intend to find a spiral design . I wonder if a square spiral antenna can be good for UWB type? I also simulated some type with (...)
The choice of substrate material is very critical. The evidence of sidelobe reduction can be observed with materials having Er > 9. Moreover, it also depend how you mount the antenna on the ebg surface. In a simulation, one can easily model the antenna on the ebg surface without any (...)
in ebg structures we have periodic arrangement of some particular shape . for example in mushroom type ebg we have periodic arrangement of square patches with vias. and each mushroom with via form one cell of ebg structure my question is how many such repeated mushrooms (cells) do we need for any practical (...)
Hi all, I wrote 3D FDTD matlab code for palnar antenna but I have a problem with source implementation.