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Dear all, I am a beginner in this field HFSS. I would like to design a four monopole antenna at the 4 edges of a square plane with an angle 45degree or 135deg bent from the plane in HFSS.Can anybody help me to come out of this problem.please suggest me if any study materials are available for this type of design. Thankyou
i tried to draw a line which is 30 degree inclined to another line above substrate...but i got the line rotating over planes if i assign angle using rotate but i want my line to rotate over the substrate similar that we draw using compass..any one help me
Folks, I'd like to be able to pull out the peak gain along a specific phi cut. That is, along a \phi_0, I'd like the \theta corresponding to the maximum gain. any ideas on how to do that aside from plotting a rectangular plot of the E_{total} along \phi_0, loading that into MATLAB, and doing this? T
Hello, I am trying to draw a small arrow in Altium, and obviously want the line to be able to go in any direction, not just orthogonal , any ideas??this is absolutely simple to achieve in Eagle?no idea in Altium
If I remember correctly, you can change routing style from: diagonal, any angle, round just by pressing the SPACE key during interactive routing. anyway, I wouldn't recommend use any angle different form 0/45/90 degrees.
Current version of QUCS can convert CIR files. Is there any convenient way of converting spice models in 2G6 format? There are too many syntactical errors.
Hello All, I am working on Project of Measurement of Power factor with PIC18F4520 MCU with External Crystal Osc 4 MHz and MPLAB XC8. My Voltage ZCD and Current ZCD are working fine as checked on CRO. Can any body give me given how to convert Time value to cos (phi) in C. I am doing a
I am designing a circular patch antenna with stub. I need to connect stub at angle 112 degree from transmission line feed. how can i rotate at particular angle in HFSS. Moving object with certain angle.. second any one please tell me that transmission line feed formulaes for circular patch and any thumb (...)
Hi All, Does anyone know if there are any MOC30xx or similar optocouplers available for 380Vac application. I am current using MOC3022 which has a output repetitive of only 400V which only allows me to fire my TRIAC at about 48 deg. sin angle. I want to be able to go 90 deg. which would be 535V, I have tried this but it does not work (...)
I am using ADE7758 Energy meter ic . can any one tell me how to measure phase angle between two phase voltages using this ic.
Sounds good to me. It depends on your specifications. I don't know of any standards for CP, although I am not an antenna expert.
can any one explain how to in cordic Calculate sine and cosine of 30degrees. First the angle has to be calculated: 360 deg =2^16; hence 30 deg =5461(dec)=1555(hex)
How calculate RCS in CST? Is there any good instruction? I tried to calculate monostatic RCS of sphere, but CST 2015 shows that its RCS is different in diferent aspect angle (look images)!!! I think that something wrong. Can anybody help me, please.117345
Hello, I would like to draw the axial ratio vs Frequency in CST 2014, but I don't know how? I can only get the axial ratio vs angle plot, can any one tells me how to do it? thank you!
Hello buddies i am interested in DOA estimation by using LMS algorithm. i want to estimate two parameters. amplitudes and angle of arrival coming from far field sourcs. can any body help me out in this regard. i ve made some code but the results are not good quality.
Hi, i am using one power supply board, in that some coils are placed on surface of PCB middle which is dissipating more than 7W on board, i need to take out heat from the PCB middle to chassis. is there any method available, please help me.
I have been searching for this part but it doesn't appear to exist in the Type A format. Has anyone ever seen one? any suggestions on how one might use existing connectors to do this - basically I want the PCB to be at a right angle to the insertion direction of the USB connector.
Not possible or trivial if average light includes tungsten lamps. One would need an Infrared scanner with a roatating mirror using a linear array og high gain narrow angle detectors or a camera CCD array. Dyalight blocking filters are essential. In any case some vision system is needed,
Hi, guys i am new to this forum i am working on a 3 phase converter using pic microcontroller, i have used 3 ZCD and the tmr0 timer of PIC but i am facing difficulty in getting 6 firing pulses can anyone have any idea doing this using PIC microcontroller, Thanks in advance
Hi.... i would like to make a slot with angle 45degree, but i do not know how to define it with angle 45degree. i try to do by using Transform-> rotate, but then i dont know how... also try using poligon, but then i need to carefully calculate each point of the object manually. is there any way so that i can define it easily? big thanks