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You can send the signal along the mains supply wires but you still need a receiver on each appliance to pick it up. Do some research on "X.10" protocol for ideas. Brian.
I am designing appliance control project by using rf transmitter and reciever by using 433Mhz module.but can I give power from power adaptor(5v/2Amp) to a circuit?I am confusing because rf transmitter and reciever require very little current.
Referencing previous discussion: i want gsm based home appliance control in proteuse
hi everyone!!! i just built a modified smps inverter rated 600watts.the problem am facing now is that when i plug in rechargeable led flash light,my ir2110 get damage but work with appliance with using sg3525 to control two ir2110 at d H-bridge side with irfp460 mosfet.i didnt apply any filter at the final output.switching frequency(
In my project i want to split the incoming message and then controll the home appliances by using microcontroller... Anyone knows means,please help me..... I am using pic16f877a+hitech c compiler
In my project i want to split the incoming message and then controll the home appliances by using microcontroller... Anyone knows means,please help me..... I am using pic16f877a+hitech c compiler I HAVE DONE SAME USING 8051 & Keil COMPILER
Do you want to control all those appliances from one box? And then you point your remote control toward the box to turn each appliance on and off? Then you must install extension wiring to each appliance so that you can control it from a relay inside the box. Either that or use a radio (...)
I am making a remote control and a receiver to control my room's fan speed, light etc. I am using IC pair TC9148 as transmitter and TC9149 as receiver. Its working fine. Now I want to increase the range. Please suggest me. I also want to know alternative ICs of TC9148 and TC91489. Regards Hasan
Thank's to your reply Actually i need to control some home appliance through touch screen and Remote meens wall screen ware switch board place - - - Updated - - - I will make the Remote control no problem but I need touch screen circuit diagram You mean
Hello Everybody, Can Anybody help me to Design a Remote control Circuit for controlling ceiling fan, Light, Power & Other home appliance ?? Br REZA
Dear friends Please send any body HEX file for this project:roll: Hi; The above project does not as complete, cannot compile to get the hex file. The author is "quardcosandeep", the project was published (uploaded) at 04/13/2010
you need to access Yahoo messenger for this, see this link for more info Yahoo! Messenger IM SDK - YDN . Also search in the internet for VB applications using serial port, there are many projects that can give you an idea. Have you made the hardware for the project. Your hardware would consist of a m
Yes you can. The TV will only respond to codes it recognizes though so you must duplicate the codes sent by the real remote control unit. Products use different rates and variations of IR flashes so they only respond to one remote and are not controlled by one for a different appliance. You need to find out what variation your product (...)
Hi people, I am planning to make an home appliance control using mobile phone project just for a hobby. Am a ok with coding but need help with some concepts. first how do we record voice into the apr9600 ic. it has 60 seconds memory and if i need to record many small pieces of voices and play different combination to play voice as in railway a
please guys i need the instruction set to program PIC16F84A to control home appliance remotely and to prevent intrusion against security.
Most electronics appliances are controlled by IR. So you need to design a receiver to convert the RF energy into light pulses that the appliance can understand. At the user side, you need to get someone's IC chip that has the library of appliance commands programmed into it. The chips output is a voltage pulse designed (...)
Hi! In digital embedded electronics u could try something with microprocessors like AVR. For example u might want to control an appliance from the internet using AVR. In antenna subject U might find it interesting to design microstrip antennas which is an up to date subject.
This circuit senses the IR pulse and then controls the appliance accordingly
hello friends i have been searching this forum for sms based appliance control but i couldnt find any satisfactory results .what do you suggest should i use a gsm modem or just a gsm mobile and which one do you have practical circuits and codes plz send me some material on this thanks :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Added aft
I wish to control my some of home appliances through my pre-recorded voice. I have an idea to use Microcontroller as a switching purpose. I need a supporting materials for, how to give my voice signal to the Microcontroller.