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Without TL theory one cannot understand RF , GRID faults or design simple stripline. It could be included with other wave theory but never eliminated. Perhaps the presentation style could be modernized to include all relevant applications.
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To transmit data no SSB modulator is needed. An ordinary diode detector connected to an antenna can modulate its reflection by alternating diode bias. Such devices are named "modulated scatterers" and you can find more in a book by Bolomey and Gardiol, engineering applications of Modulated Scatterer Techniques.
What are the practical engineering applications of FFT?
Accuracy, Speed, Cost.... Pick two ;) If you want fast and free it will not likely be an accurate solution. I suggest the use of HFSS as I have worked many metamaterial applications with success. Kind Regards, tallface
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What is the use of Nyquist plots and other plots that I study in Control Systems engineering? It is full of graphs and everything. I would appreciate it if I could know the uses and applications of these. Thanks in advance.:-D:-D
A few applications from page 13 on I also think you should read a calculus book...many of them have examples or problems that illustrate applications in physics and engineering. rt rt
driving a stepper: Electronics & Control engineering Stepper Motor Tutorials max232 is used in Uart applications not in stepper control, you need to include a microconroller in the middle of both (max232 and l298)
Hello I am a Bsc student in mechanical engineering and i want to work on heatsinks as my honors project,I need to know where are some uses and applications of disc shaped heatsinks such as this one: flow enters from center of disc and exits from radial channels that are embedd
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hai Cerise, go through the diff wireless technologies like wifi wimax zigbee etc u can get enough idea 4m the applications using them and hw it empower community
where can I get the types of striplines and microstrip lines and their applications in RF circuits ? Regards, Avi
hi i am an engineering and research aboat rf transceiver ic in ssop or smd package.this ic used in remote control system or remote keyless entry(rke) applications.i need some ic for this applications.plese help me to find resuilt. thanks
1) Design of Quasi-Elliptic Bandpass Filter Based on Slow-Wave Open-Loop Resonators Authors: Zhang, X.C.1; Xu, J.1; Yu, Z.Y.1 Source: Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and applications, Volume 22, Number 13, 2008 , pp. 1849-1856 2) A design of microwave resonator Source Recent Advances In Computer engineering archive Proceedings o
hi i have just found this book"Visual Basic for Electronics engineering applications - 2nd Edition" iam also trying to programme for electronics here is the link hope it helps!
where can i download the following books: -Digital Signal Processing applications With the Tms320 Family (Prentice-Hall and Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing Series) (Hardcover) by Kun-Shan Lin -- Digital Signal Processing applications with the TMS320 Family Theory Algorithms, and Implementations, Volume 1-3, Texas Instruments I
Hi, My name is Rajeev Verma. I?ve done my Bachelor of engineering (B.E) and Master of Science (MS) in Electrical engineering from University of Central Florida. Presently, I?m working as an engineering consultant in a software company where I?m responsible for development of technical & business design for software (...)
Hi if everybody know about game theory and its applications in engineering can help me? thank for help
Hi Dear, For critical applications, a unique series of capacitor technologies selectively deployed in our amplifiers. Called TransCAPACITOR?, these innovative and bespoke components are made from only the highest quality materials with sound quality, longevity and precision engineering at the heart of their design. There is no shortcut to per