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hi, has any one applied for phd admission in signal processing at Raman Research Institute( ) for 2009 or in the past. please post here.
I designed a circuit to detect the ecg signal. I applied it to pc through the mic. input, then i applied it to matlab using the wavrecord function. I can select my sampling rate and the number of samples to record. Now,first i want to plot the signal against time. Can this be acheived by just the plot command, or i need (...)
hi shady205, any analog signal processing system is noisy, no ideal. when a signal is applied to your system SNR indicates how much noise is added onto the signal and THD indicates how the signal is distorted.
Sigma delta modulator has been applied to audio signal processing, vedio signal processing and DC measurement. Many papers about SDMs applied to audio signal processing have been presentd. But I found few papers about DC measurement. Can anyone help me?
dear bkd use this link to download book :" Smart Antennas (Electrical Engineering & applied signal processing Series) " i wish this help u
i think inverse modelling is to get back the original signal which is applied to the system from the output of the system. e.g., speech processing where you get back the excitation back at the out put of the inverse filter (LPC analysis). thank you