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hi every one I am doing my phd in accent recognition and I wanna to ask a question when i have a wav sample for example 5 seconds and i wanna to extract the formants using LPC now i do LPC to whole signal then find the formants = wavread('5sec.wav'); = lpc(x, ncoef); then find the formants or apply LPC on each win
Hello Friends, I have uploaded my CV in this post. I have recently completed MSc Electronic Engineering from University of Bedfordshire, UK. I am looking for any opportunity for phd studentship in antenna design. Can anybody guide me plz? In which university should I apply and how can I get the funding? I also have 2 publications on antennas o
I going to do phd in nano-antenna field. Anyone who expert in this field can give specific research title that base on nano-antenna that can be apply or improve? thank you
Hi there, I am a master degree holder in VLSI Design and Embedded System from INDIA completed in 2007 and now I am interested in doing my phd in ASIC Design. Can anyone suggest me which university to apply.
Hi Folks, I have 4+ years of experience in System and Board design in an Indian MNC. But I am very much interested to do research in the new emerging technologies like Cognitive radio, 4G. I am living in Hyderabad and I am planning to apply in IIT Hyd. Can you please suggest me some topics? As far as I know, professor's area of interest is
hello all I am final year mtech student of rf & microwave engg. very soon wud be looking for job oppurtunity in my deptt. but its hard to find rf microwave companies in ind........... othrwise i am thinking of pursuing phd ........ kindly suggest me any good rf microwave companies in india & instt. that offer phd in rf microwave engg.
Hello. I want to pusue my education in phd level at eurpoe or north america. my research interests is Watremarking and i have 3 article that published at ieee confrences. I want to know what universities of eurpoe or north america are active on this subject(watermarking) beacause of I'm goiong to apply for one of this universities. THANKS
Not necessary.. The only thing you should do is to gain more exprience.. That's it..Because the companies valorize the gained exprience rather than academic base because of "bullshit talks, money walks.. " I have B.Sc. and I can apply wherever I wish with my strong background and exprience.
Hi all! Maybe this post is a little out of context, but I would really like to enrich from the experience of all of you that have gone through this way before. I have a BSc degree in EE and two years of experience in analog IC design. I'm planning to apply for a postgraduate program with the aim of obtaining a MsC and then a phd in the field of hi
Hi, I want to apply for the phd scholarship at oersted DTU, one thing that I am not very clear about is the salary. It's written that the annual salary is 253, 412 DKK at stage 3. The pension contribution amounts to 16% to 80% of the basic salary, divided into 1/3 own-contribution and 2/3 employer's contribution. What does this mean? So I wil
Dr Rincon mora is father of Linear regulators. His phd thesis is bible. What more does one want. He clears the basic very well, responds to your queries. Beyond that IEEE papers would help to apply any new techniques
Hi all, I wish to apply for a phd position in Metamaterials in either Europe or US or Canada. Can anyone let me know the active reserachers in the area of metamaterials ? -svarun