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Like any arc, the power conducted occurs at low voltage after the high voltage trigger. Simply use a low pass filter and the fast transient RF will be filtered. Start with 100Hz LPF to monitor both V and I then multiply. When I monitored 100kA diffusion welding below 6V back in the late 70's , I used shielded twisted pair at right angles to th
Hello, According to this research paper: Optimizing the Transition Process from Sparking for Non-contact TIG welding Inverters, a spark generator is used in order to start an arc between a tungsten electrode and a workpiece by generating a high voltage around 3.5KV. Also, on this link: , it says
I'd like to make a 100A buck converter that operates in constant current mode, and takes a nominal 12V +/- 2V as input. This is for a welder, powered by lead acid batteries. So heavy input ripple and big EMI are okay. Even extreme heat dissipation is okay because this device overall only needs a duty cycle of about 20%, say 30s on, and 120s off.
This standard does not apply to (and has no limits for):  Non lighting equipment with rated power of 75W or less  arc welding equipment intended for professional use.  Professional equipment (not intended for sale to the general public)  Heating elements with symmetrical control methods and input po
The main effect I imagine will be to "steer" the current away from uniform flow. Much as I've seen trouble at DC arc welding when using magnetic workpiece clamps. The arc goes sideways from where you want it. In a battery, biasing current unevenly will probably result in some inefficiencies and conceivably cook one side and fail to charge (...)
I hope so that You realize trafo needs. About 2KW trafo needed if (50Hz), better consider switcher power supply. Torus in my country is about 160eur and for 2KW is about 11kg of weight. I supose that You need this for arc welding ? :wink:
First, try seeing if the idle current really can blow a 3A fuse. Or whether it can heat up short lengths of different gauge wire. This should prove whether genuine power is really being wasted. 3A is 3A as measured by the origanl poster, but a fuse or a current meter doesn't tell if it's representing active or reactive power. The
Need someone to help design a custom PWM to mimic the function of a Chicago Electric, 80 amp, inverter arc welder, model 91110 - in resting state (just turned on - no welding) For some reason, just by luck, the setup works for our application. We have been to numerous "electrical" experts and not one can tell us what or why it's doing what it's
I have an arc welding plant and I realized that I am wasting energy when it is not used but powered on. Can anyone please suggest a way to get rid of this problem? That is, plant gets "active" when it is welding and is "idling" when it is not welding.
Did anyone worked with 3? argon arc welding machine yet? I need to go to a factory in BD to repair its circuit board. But as I'm new with this type of machine so I need so many information before I open it. Please give information as far as you know. Model no: ZUEP06738, brand: Panasonic, Japan. ---------- Post added at
Known that main problem with these device is bad soldered to power charge current conducting racks. They easy come off even under small blow or without visible reasons in general. This quite often occurs after completion of the period of the warranty. Thereby better to solder these join, not waiting a blast of the welding device. [url=image
FvM, arc welding modes generally are buck type from mains or higher DC voltages and they deliver large currents is known. but seeking boost converter and such load , i was stunned!!
arc welders have current limiting so the direct contact will not harm the equipment. Since the operator is dressed in protective clothing, including leather gloves, there is little shock danger.
Hi Chaps, I have built a hf start module for a tig welder, its basically a high voltage radio frequency spark gap oscillator driven by a car ignition coil, its aim is to start the arc from the electrode to the work esp on low welding voltages. It works well on my dc output alternator generator welder, however I tried this device on a ac stick w
Hi, I have made an smps arc welding machine with max.150A and 50v no load. For current control, I used primary side phase control with Pic Micro controller. It is still in testing process. Can anybody suggest better process for controlling current without reducing voltage as a certain level of voltage is required for creating welding (...)
What for do you need it ? TIG and MIG welders use circuits like you need. Are high frequency generators to start welding arc.
Hi are anyone have circuit diagram of DC inverter welding? Output can constant current 20-160A ThanK
please help me... i have a problem that confuse me. when my 3 phase 4 wire wye circuit watt hour meter loaded by an arc welding machine (it's a 1 phase machine), the induction type watt hour meter act so weird. The disc rotation reverse slowly for a few moments, and then stop, and then move forward very slowly (mostly it don't move at all
Hi, how can i build an arc ignition device for a welding machine?