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A simple CPU similar to that introduced in details in the Mano's Computer system architecture book.
u shold use the help from ti for specific architecture and the rulph chasing book for example he has 2 books use the book for c6711
Hi, I am alos intersted in this topic. But from my current experience -- The architecture of the processor defines most of your algorithm implementation and general textbooks can just provide only an introduction to these algorithms. -- For SDR you can just refer some basic text books and I would suggest Lyons. however for advanced (...)
Any material or book available on GSM/GPRS baseband (Layer 1 dsp) ? I am looking forward to learn GSM layer 1 dsp, i need some material which explains the concepts and also some info about the implementation issues (like software implementation, baseband chip :dsp - Micro Controller architecture). Thanks (...)

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