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Hi, I have two different linker scripts for Cortex system: 1) run-from-intel-flash.ld 2) boot-from-intel-flash.ld The difference is for .text and .arm.exidx sections: in 'run' there is >ram AT>rom and in 'boot' there is only >rom
Similar, vaguely interchangeable but different context. There are many ways to boot an OS, depending on the paths of ROM and subsequent paths or ports for subsequent delegating control of execution of initialization and boot code. It could start as embedded ROM in arm or SPI flash in PC's , thus (...)
Hi guys, Iīm installing QT on an arm based embedded system, and is expected more than 24hs of compilation. Due the system loads Ubuntu during boot init, I wish remotely kill the desktop in order to increase speed compilation. When I type ps command to list all processes, I canīt find someone named *ubuntu* or (...)
Hi all. Currently, i am learning Embedded linux in which i am supposed to create a kernel image along with u-boot image and have to load it into arm development board. I have successfully compiled linux kernel 3.8.5. After this, i need to create a u boot image. I am planning to create this uImage file using "mkimage" (...)
HI, I am using a arm Cortex M3 LPC1754, with a GPRS based sim card. I m going to send the firmware to this device over GPRS. and store in its External 2MB flash from specific address location. After complete downloading I want t switch ch the boot location to this newly added firmware boot location by using it (...)
The Stellaris LM3SXXX series is an arm Cortex-M3 variant. There half been several successful ports of Linux to the arm Cortex-M3 family. I would suggest you checkout the following sites: Linux 2.6 for MMU-less arm Project Welcome to the Linux o
hi! i have an arm kit PXA255 that is running linux in it. i connect it through serial port and lan cable and see it on minicom. i can transfer file through tftp but now i want to remove serial port and access it only on ethernet and be able to transfer program file and run it on board. (...)
Hi friends... How can I program arm controllers using my serial or USB port. I am new to arm, which arm is better(nxp,atmel or other). Thanks....
Hi every1, I am working on arm926EJ-S . There is a problem with booting of my processor .I have set all my baud rate etc properly but still i have the same problem. Some 1 tol me tat connectin a harddisk ,or bootin tru a USB wud help. So we put image file in the USb and tried to boot but (...)
keil arm has a library which has built in Ethernet and USB drivers. i think the software package is called "real view Real time Library". hock
Hello, As part of our main project, we had been using an arm board, KB9202B..We were finding difficult to mount root file system onto our board..While making an attempt to fix this problem, we restarted the whole system and currently, the arm board doesn't even show its auto boot sequence..Please tell me whether it is a (...)
arm chips have a built in boot LOADER so need not to make a special programmer. all you need to do is dig into the spec sheet of micro and find the procedure for bootloader option. I have used this for my LPC series of arm7TDMI from Philips.
Processor is arm
i have been playing with Qume emulator for windows and Mac and is really impressive it allows to boot a multitude o OS for different types of CPUs , you can run Microsoft 2000,Xp , or linux ,freeBSD .Qume is a general purpose CPU emulator. So is define slower that the original .But there is VitualBox for PC that allow to run in native code (...)
Hi, i need to find a processor (or dsp) with: - internal flash >64KB - >70mips - access flash->gpio <60ns (read from flash and set gpio) - price not more 6$us before i use sx28, but now i need more pin, memory and possibility to have a boot loader. i try with lpc2138, but this shitting arm has a limit on (...)
Hi all I'm having problems with starting the OMAP5912 starter kit. I think anyone with expr bringing up an arm based system with u-boot can help with my problem. When I start the system, the bootloader comes up and uncompresses the kernel, then just freezes. I get the message in braces { (...)
At the begin of the arm code, it is necessary to set up the environment for C code, I want to know what is should be set up absolutely necessarily. It depends what of environmet (and C library code, that requre initialization) you using. Because is possible writing programm in C, that not used any library call, and do no
I'm newbie on programming arm on Linux. I've a board with AT91RM9200, it boots from ethernet with ftptp.exe at PC side... There are bin files and ramdisk image at PC... it loads linux from PC using U-boot then runs arm linux.... I see the actions using Hyperterminal on serial port. after linux (...)
Can someone please tell me if the arm7TMDI's JTAG port is proper and 'standards compliant' as far a JTAG goes or do you actually need to use the arm MultiICE or compatible? I don't initially want to do ICE or ICD with it, I can initially use Angel for that, i just want to load code into the boot flash (an (...)