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Don't know much but if you are targeting quad-core take a look here, Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Product Advantages: I think the quad application processor in the above is arm? Cortex™-A53 hard macro. But then you have mentioned Purpose is proof of concept
Check this thread: Suggest Low cost arm development board ??? +++
i am new to arm processors and want to write a simple code like monitoring pin P0.8 and if its high then LED should glow at Pin P0.22 how about to do that?
Hi All, This day, I'm trying with arm microcontrollers (AT91SAM3S2B), and have an error when compilling. I'm using SAM3-P256 dev board from Olimex, Eclipse + Yagarto and the file for blinking a led is lisled below. 9413994140 this demo software is from Olimex. *----------------------------
What exactly you need? To make decision for dev board or you need anything for learning arm ?
In the case that I am starting right now, will go with arm for sure. For example, TI Tiva LaunchPad ( ) is $12.99 (in price is included fedex shipping), but there are also other brands with same or better offer regarding arm dev board. PIC/Atmel or any other uC that is not able to execute most of the registe
Beside the two sources mentioned above, the following offer arm boards with have Linux ports: Olimex development boards and Tools Embedded Artist Technologic Systems - Embedded arm I have a SAM9 board
check this ---------- Post added at 12:17 ---------- Previous post was at 12:15 ---------- Mini2440 Samsung S3C2440 arm9 development board 3.5
anyone using Friendly arm board? i want to include some local language Font to that system.How Can i add to that font to WINCE dev.System? Any Help?
I have one. See picture. I have PCBs for a JtagIce&Isp, Ulink, USB armJtag, AVRProg, arm dev. board ,.....
Hi NXP has published some nice USB 2nd level bootloader application note for there arm devices - maybee you can adapt the design to ATMEL arm All the best Bobi
Hi, look this, the price is low, possibility very HI, regards
Hi, you can find schematics here: or here: or here: or some more places. I assume you want to do the board yourself for educational purpose because financially it does not make sens
any 1 can share an industrial standard project idea using arm?
I have just received some samples, not much to say yet but so far am very impressed with the ST arm devices. Previouslly using the STR710. Regards ntfreak
Hi We are trying to install the uClinux tool chain for the Samsung S3C4510B test board. We are getting the below error while running the tool chain # sh ./usr/local/arm-elf/ ./usr/local/arm-elf/bin/ ./usr/local/arm-elf/bin/nm ./usr/local/arm-elf/bin/strip ta
Well, asking for an arm development kit and getting offered an 8-bit AVR kit does not really cut, does it? THere was a similar contest from Circuitcellar for the Philips arm LPC2138 about half a year ago, but that is past time and long gone. Closest to free is cheapest available. Two things come to mind: with very n
I am Interested to purchase the boards. Is the Keil arm COmpiler supports this board or not?
Hi I am looking for demo board on arm to do small experiments can any one tell me any link to the demo board Thanks
I need full schematics and P*otel files for a simple S3C4510 S@msung arm processor for running ucLinux. is 4510 still an active product? if not could you recommend me an alternative for uclinux? regards For S3C4510 and S3C4530 free hardware with test (monitor) and uCLinux

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