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The MYD-AM335X-J development board is a complete evaluation platform for TI AM335x (AM3352, AM3354, AM3356, AM3357,AM3358 and AM3359) arm Cortex-A8 Sitara Microprocessors (MPUs). It is designed based on the MCC-AM335X-J CPU module which integrates the core components on board including the AM335x processor, 256MB DDR3, 256MB (...)
I also agree with what franekz has said. From my own experience I can recommend going for an arm based uC. You can buy the $12 Tiva C series TM4C123G LaunchPad evaluation Kit from Texas Instruments. There are excellent 'get-started' vdos on YouTube on how use this development board and an associated IDE (IAR Systems). (...)
any body know from where to buy arm evaluation board in INDIA??
Hello, I am looking for a arm micro-controller that has 10-bit 500MS/s ADC or more. If it comes with a evaluation board that would be great. If anyone knows about such board, please let me know. It is very urgent for my research. Thanks.
I have a Toshiba TC35667 evaluation board (arm cortex) with BLE module. I have done proper jumper settings according to their starter guide. But I can't download the code. Getting error "Failed to get CPU status after 4 retries". I am using the latest J-Link debugger from SEGGER, the latest J-Link software, and IAR. Below is the output (...)
Hello all, I am using my own hardware which is built with LPC2368 controller and DP83848 physical layer IC for Ethernet. All the connections are according to the mcb2300 schematic diagram. and using easyweb example code copied from "C:\Keil\arm\boards\Keil\MCB2300" but same code working fine with evaluation board (...)
Hi can any one help me, MCB2929 arm evaluation board (LPC2929) is it supports for TIMERS and PWM Technic applications?
If you want to make your own board it makes sense to check the datasheet and a couple of schematics of existing development boards and see what they use for supplies etc. Here is an example
Hi friends I want to run labview on arm friendly mini2440, whitch module should i use? mobile module ( for windows ce ) or arm module? Regards
Hello, TI's OMAP3530, DM3735 arm processors can support ddr. Atmel's AT91SAM9G45, Samsung's S5PV210 arm processors can support ddr2. You can check below boards for reference: Embest DevKit7000 S5PV210 evaluation Kit, Samsung S5PV210, Development board, 1GHz, arm Cortex-A8, Android 2.3, (...)
lucky, The solution proposed on that evaluation board, is based on image managing performed by the arm microcontroler firmware. It is different from that is done by dedicated chipset, as the one I mentioned above. Note that it is what tiwari.sachin was asked for. In fact, the objective of TechWell solution is restricted to store
i use Cortex arm processor in design i want to make evaluation board contains the following: 1 digital Inputs 2 digital Outputs 3 analogue Inputs 4 PWM Outputs if there are any protection considerations i should take care with or i should implement , please advise me thanks
here's a section on a different forum called "All things arm and LPC" Here's a schematic for and evaluation board with LPC29XX: In general, if you try LPC2939 schematic
For MMnet1001 and evaluation board: ------------------------------------------ Hmm, seems good but no LCD and no CAN. evaluation board has LCD/GLCD Interface and CAN. It has everything that you want: In addition you can attach any CPU module that you want. There are
Hi all, I trying to evaluation on my development board. I have one AHB Master and serveral AHB Slaves, one of AHB Slaves is loaced ouside my chip, so I pull up the all signal related AHB Bus interface to the Ball. As everyone know, so many pins are needed, I'd like to share the arm DATA Pins (HRDATA, HWDATA). Could you show me the (...)
Anyone know of a low cost eval board for the LPC2364 arm micro? Keil has a board but I would like to see if there is a cheaper option. Thanks
any one help for set the Embedded linux source tree for arm Samsung Embest S3CEB2410 evaluation board
Dear guys. I want to learn uCLinux (I'm absolutely new in Linux side), and I have a bugget to buy an arm evaluation board. Could you help me to choose a board? (I think that it is better if there was an ucLinux example for that board). And where should I begin? I really need your help. Thanks.
Salam, I have two Olimex LPC2129 arm evaluation boards. I use J-LINK JTAG debugger for debugging using IAR Workbench IDE. But when i start debugging process, this message appear in the middle of flash programming process CMD_PREPARE_SECTORS failed ! What is the problem ? The second board give this message too (...)
Salam, I have installed CrossWorks v1.4 as arm C compiler. My hardware consist of MCB2100 evaluation board Connected to wiggler debugger interface. I can compile my codes and program the arm LPC2138 fine. Running and stoping the code is working too. But my problem is in the debugging. Only the breakspoint work (...)