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Hello All I have done many interactions with the PIC,AVR, and even 8051 MCU's Now i wish to work on arm and have done some hands on on LPC2148 also, But I wanted to know that which Series should i choose that has OS environment ?
The read operation of a processor is expecting an immediate answer, in so far a FIFO won't help much. The ususal method is by synchronizing the asynchronous processor control signals (RD, WR, CS) to the other clock domain and process it therein. At the arm side, wait states have to be added in the bus setup of the respective peripheral address rang
Sounds like yet another company releasing a development board yet this has a soft arm core to embedded in the FPGA. E Which company did you mean? Can you give us more details?
Do you Have it? Could you plaese upload it here? Hi, Yes I have it I have also the Cortex-M1 core .... When you download the tools from the ACTEL website you get it for free. The only thing you must have is silicon that is arm enabled from ACTEL otherwise you can't work with it.... ww
Dear Comunity: I'm working with FPGA's from Xilinx. Unfortunately I couldn't find any reference about arm core implementation on a XILINX FPGA. If It's possible to implement, where can I get (free) the VHDL code of this arm processor?. I've checked places like, but there's not much (...)
I?m looking for arm free core, verification tools and assembly language code. Thank you!
I need one to help my design. Thanks
arm System-on-chip Architecture by Steve Furber....
it has been closed for a long
If you're talking about 8051 derivatives then you'll never gonna get (uC)linux to run on it (o; It needs a 32 bit CPU with/without MMU. For small embedded Linux devices consider one of those many Coldfire/arm CPU's. Non-MMU support is already merged into the Linux-2.5.xx tree. Otherwise you may want to have a look at our opensource TCP/IP st