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I'm trying to design a self contained DC bus power supply. Specifically it's for a 400v 2200w AC servo drive. Trying to get this all down on 1 PCB for simplicity. I've been using this drive for some time with just 240v mains rectified to 340vDC and some filter caps. The inrush current on charging the caps from flat is rather large, Which for a whil
Hi, board has two SD cards and an SPI bus. Three of these bit-banged, You may use many devices on one SPI bus. Why three busses? In many years of programming I always avoided bit banging .... because of programming effort as well as processing power To your main question: I like the AVRs, made many projects with them. But
Hello, I'm new to the forum but hopefully you guys will give me some great advice. I have been programming microcontrollers for the past five years, only as a hobby but I do plan to move to this as my career, I am currently a machinist but I don't quite have the means for university yet. I'm 27, so should still be capable of learning :razz:
This has nothing to do with LEDS :) Many power converters are liable to saturate the transformer under unbalanced conditions, I am looking at a full bridge with a bridge rectifier output so there are plenty of oppertunities! The standard method to reduce the problem is to use peak current control. In my case I wish to use average current mode, a
I've been working on a transceiver system with BGT24LTR11 chips at it's core and I was unable to achieve necessary signal to noise ratio. I want to know whether it's theoretically possible and for that I need to understand how the terms in the title all intertwined. The following parameters/figure of merit I'm familiar with: Minimum detectable
Hello in new year 2020 ;-) After severals experiments with few soft-CPU (Picoblaze, Microblaze, RISC-V) I decided to try implementation of AVR core (ATMega103) from - see choosed this core because it seems to be complete and h
hi i want to calculate core loss in buck inductor(powder core).but this core is in dc bias condition and in datasheet there is "peak ac flux density vs core loss"curve. i calculate B for inductor by this formula B=N*I/R*A.but can i use that curve to calculate core loss?if not how can i calculate (...)
Hi, Is Proteus still the best advanced microcontroller simulator to date? I would like to run simulations on an arm-based MCU specifically by TI. If not, what is your suggestion/recommendation to simulate arm-based MCUs? Thanks
A windlass at the motor shaft and a pulley at the blade arm can be assembled from hardware- or hobby-store small brass parts. Stout bit of braided fishing line and there's your linear motion. Maybe a tension spring for return. Easy peasy and no fancy tolerances to get your mechanical advantage.
You may try
What are the tradoffs to consider when deciding whether to use coupled differential mode, coupled common mode or discrete inductors for filtering in AC applications. For example below is the diagram of the winning google little box challenge (DC to AC inverter). All inductors are coupled. On the inverter output why chose to have a common mode
Hey guys! I've just started with electronics and I made this PCB for an amplifier which contains 2 transformers. Here's the layout (with some SMD components): 156871 The transformers are on the opposite side. This is my 2nd PCB and since this is an amplifier I wonder how the transformers affect the circuit (if it doe
Is any difference between the endcap cell and boundary cell (other than technology node)? why we placed the boundary cell at boundary of the core area of the chip?
I am looking for a developer of the interface coding in the EVE SCREEN DESIGNER program for the display that will be used for the device based on arm STM32. The prototype of the interface is made in Adobe XD and all elements will be exported and prepared to best improve the work of the contractor. If you are interested, please send an email to roba
Hello friends I have two types of iron to make the iron core Transformator In the same number of rounds 220v to 12V Type A No Load current = 130ma Type B No Load Current = 100ma What can we conclude empirically? Is Type B Better? Thanks
In ASIC design, is there any relation between IR drop and Noise Margin ? and If yes, then how?
Hello, I'm working on flyback converter LTC3805 and i have situation when sometimes (one in ten cases) i get overcurrent protection triggerd and "hiccup" mode statring. there is no short-circuit, when i replace controller the circuit works fine. When i look on the primary current at the Oscilloscope i see every TSS t
Hello There, Hope this post find you well. May be or may not you would love it, because this issue has reached huge number of problems. Someone could say "school project for infants". I was trying to build a SOLID STATE RELAY with zero crossing switching. Similar to this product,
Hi, I am using PVDD1ANA as my I/O with TSMC 0.18um technology. When I try to pass any signal through the I/O, it is getting attenuated quite a lot. The I/O seems to be acting as a 2 Mohm resistor in shunt with the signal path. Does anyone know where I am going wrong?
Dear friends hope you all are doing fine! I have one temperature logger with RS232 out on its back panel. which throws out the instantaneous temperature reading every second. I need to connect the RS232 output of temperature logger to one of the USB ports of raspberry pi 3b+. I dont wish to use Tx/ Rx of pi. Understanding that raspberry pi is ope