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Based on guessing what you meant. You have been tasked with designing a Zynq design with the arm connected to a memory? If so just use the block design tool and add an arm and a memory, then use the auto connection feature to get those two parts to hook up. There will be a tab that allows you to modify the address map of the processor (changes t
Dear Comunity: I'm working with FPGA's from Xilinx. Unfortunately I couldn't find any reference about arm core implementation on a XILINX FPGA. If It's possible to implement, where can I get (FREE) the vhdl code of this arm processor?. I've checked places like, but there's not much (...)
Hello all :-)) I know for the NIOS Mcu core, but I am working on arm Mcu's. Too keep tools I need arm core for the Fpga. I know ones china project, but it desapeare. Any1 know how to get arm core ?? best regards Keen manufacturer of my favorite (...)
it has been closed for a long