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hi my friend ,today i downloaded a new arm project on github.i saw a new valuable point. it has multiple project build.please see image 130413 how can i do this work for my project.
An industrial PC would also be suitable, however the op has mentioned some industrial fieldbuses like profinet/profibus, for these maybe a PLC or a PAC (programmable automation controller) based system may be better. These industrial systems are very reliable compared to computers or arm based boards.
If you are considering making custom electronics boards to get lower cost, you might consider using arm Cortex Chip like STM32. Also STM32 development boards are feature packed and low in cost. Only down side is you will need a good programmer to implement your business rules. But once
Hi, I am currently working with a AVR ATmega328P, and I am seriously thinking of upgrading to an arm M0, but I need your feedback on some of my reasons, and if they are justified. 1) I am just about to make a car related project that will be working in the engine compartment. Am I correct in thinking the arm M0 is manufactured to a higher qu
Hi, all I am beginner and working on lpc2368 IC. I am looking for IDE which provides register initializer. Previously I am working on freescale's code-warrier software and It is giving very smart register intializer.(It sets all register according to user's peripheral requirement). Can any body Help??
any body know from where to buy arm evaluation board in INDIA?? Assuming that you are not searching for a specific brand, nowadays, considering the vast availability of development kits on web sellers that offer free shipping, seems that do not make sense anymore know the country origin of the manufacturer. I us
Hi, I'm currently using STM32F051C8 , Which is a arm Cortex M0, for controlling and signalling in 10KVA Welding Machine. This type of welding machine is an inverter. Because UPS needs more communication (with PC or ??) and you need to produce Sine wave , I recommend using one of the micocontrollers
arm offers a Laser Programmable Fuse Box Compiler for the TSMC 90 nm CLN90G process, s. here at Design & Reuse (no. 13).
hi libin i am working on a project ,i think it is very similar with your goal i want to send some datas from gprs modem to a web page via post method in http protocol i think its better to divide this to some steps: in first steps: we must choose a platform,gprs&gps module,mcu type& compiler/IDE. my choise is stm32f103(32bit arm cortex lo
assist me some good web site to learn SPI I2C and CAN protocols and related modules for them such as SSP which supports SPI and I2C
There are available interesting videos on the web evidencing some successful experiments already performed on embedded platforms based on the same core processor arm Cortex-A8 used on Beaglebone board. As you asked, such projects employs OpenCV library to process captured video streams took from webcam, but planned for achieve much more (...)
Hi guys I am working on PIC microcontrollers from several years.Now want to move on arm microcontrollers. I studied on the internet and found that there are many companies which are developing arm microcontrollers. arm has series like CORTEX-A,CORTEX-R,CORTEX-M,SECURECORE. CORTEX-M can be used for general purpose microcontroller. Also on the (...)
have a look at this web site.
PENABLE indicates when the transaction takes place (the access phase). PPROT gives protection information for the transaction (i.e. privileged, secure, data or instruction). Often this is ignored. Download the spec for free of the arm web site.
A good place to start is with the ST Discovery development boards. They are very cheap for what you get, the arm Cortex processors. They also have an on board programmer and debugger. For a very good free IDE look at Em Blocks Include
Which arm MCU you are using This links is showing STM32F407VG reference of Discovery board which is excellent development board and is example written by me using above development board to blink LED #include "stm32f4xx.h" //#include "stm32f4xx_gpio.
Hi, I want to drive a 4 wire resistive touch screen with ADS7846 but can't find good resource about it and the texas instruments web site data is poor about reference schematic and free sample also topics in edaboard about this IC don't have useful information. I drawn a schematic to use this IC with arm MCU, please review my schematic for mistake
For 40 dollars, I prefer this one : +++ nice board indeed !
Hi friends, Taking a look on various development kits, we can see many examples of applications regarding webservers. However, Im looking for an application in which the remote board will send data in HTTP protocol to a host. Anybody could sugest a demo firmware project ? ( no restrictions about manufacturer : TI/ST/ATMEL/NXP.... )
I want to develop a web server using arm Controller on which I want to port a RTOS for Industrial parameter Which Controller is efficient with RTOS...